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WhatsApp, users risk abrupt cancellation: It's a panic

WhatsApp, users risk abrupt cancellation: It’s a panic

Check out the sudden cancellation of its users on WhatsApp. In fact, accounts are likely to be deleted, let’s find out how long.

Some account deletion risk, app decision (via WebSource)

Unfortunately too The WhatsApp It has no eternal life, and users are often deleted without warning. In fact, the messaging app does not compromise and often decides to do so Delete inactive accounts. So all inactive users, who have not used the application for a long time, risk seeing their profile deleted at any moment. According to the latest, the app will decide to delete the personal files distance 120 days from idle. Also in some cases, cancellation days may become 45.

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Also when deleting the account, The WhatsApp We also make sure to delete all previous information to protect user privacy. By doing so, the app also tends to Delete all conversations, to prevent some sensitive data from being compromised. So users must always remain active within the app, otherwise After only 120 days WhatsApp will decide to delete your account.

WhatsApp, news for all users: Voice faster with the new tool

WhatsApp news
Other news coming for all users (via screenshot)

Last week we saw a big update on WhatsApp. As noted by many users in recent days, beside Voice messages A very important new feature has appeared. In fact, after months of testing on the beta version, the app decided to implement a tool capable of accelerating vowels. We will have three speeds: 1X (Normal), 1,5X e 2X. The feature is available on both Android who – which Iphone It can also be used by WhatsApp Web e desktop.

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Again consider announcing the update WABetaInfo. According to the specialized portal, to apply the new tool just start the voice message and click on the right of itplayback speedThe tool has been requested by many for a long time, in order to make the listening of kilometer vowels faster. In addition, the developers of Menlo Park They wanted to release the feature right away, but for some strange reason they expected an end May 2021. This is also a tool that has been implemented for a long time by the main competitor of WhatsApp, cable.