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WhatsApp meets AI: AI chatbot is ready for release

WhatsApp meets AI: AI chatbot is ready for release

WhatsApp cannot fail to ignite the runaway AI race: an AI bot is ready for release.

There are no premonitions, it certainly does not take a magician to imagine who the protagonist of the year 2024 we are living in now will be. Artificial Intelligence has been taking over the world of technology for more than a year. There was a glimpse at the end of 2022, extending into 2023: OpenAI with ChatGPT not only showed what a chatbot can do (which has evolved with the releases since its release), but it almost forced its competitors to accelerate dramatically in this direction.

Artificial Intelligence, WhatsApp responds: Yes! – – Idea Computer website

Google has indicated the path that smartphones will take in 2024 The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro feature features born and raised with AI. Only in January, there was curiosity about Samsung’s move, which had already announced that the Galaxy S24 would see the biggest innovation in the field of artificial intelligence. Apple is a little late but will come in full force. When it comes to smartphones, the similarity with WhatsApp is clear.

WhatsApp, the AI-powered chatbot: DocuSign and greater voice conversations

The instant messaging application made a big leap in 2023 between messages that can be modified after they are sent (within a quarter of an hour), polls, and payments directly on WhatsApp (currently in some countries, but it will soon become a global phenomenon), the channel and singing company. In 2024 There will be space first and foremost for AI-powered chatbots.

WhatsApp, the AI-powered chatbot is ready for release
WhatsApp, the AI ​​chatbot is in the process of being released –

Yes just like this. Mark Zuckerberg has given a good boost to WhatsApp’s built-in AI chatbot, which is fast approaching release. It was discovered by the usual pioneers com. wabetainfo In beta testing mode: Backward compatibility indicates that a stable release of the channel may be imminent, and it is clear that it is with all A host of new features, First and foremost is DocuSign (It will simplify digital signatures, among other features) and voice chats for larger groups.

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WhatsApp’s chatbot AI will be based on the large Llama 2 language model, but it’s Microsoft’s partnership with Bing that has given it a boost. Meta is now ironing out the details that appear via a new AI-powered chat link in WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s AI chatbot does just that It will translate visually with Floating action button Which will be located again according to wabetainfo FAB in the chat tab. It will look like a multi-colored circle inside a light gray button: Tap or click, Welcome to 2024.