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What will be the 10 largest economies in the world in 2075?  Surprises abound

What will be the 10 largest economies in the world in 2075? Surprises abound

Goldman Sachs is looking ahead and getting into the study The road to the year 2075 Try to understand what the global economy will look like in 52 years, i.e. in 2075. Which trends are the most important and which individual economies will be the most important? Surprising conclusions abound. The twenty-first century will dramatically change the economic geography of the planet as we know it now. In terms of the most relevant trends, the US investment bank identified two:
Slowing economic growth
The first trend is that global economic growth will be slower due to lower population growth affecting the labor force. Global population growth has halved over the past 50 years, from 2% per year to less than 1%, and is expected to drop to near zero by 2075.
The rise of emerging markets
The second trend is the rise of emerging markets, led by Asian powers. As mentioned earlier, economic growth will be slower and this will happen in both developed and emerging economies, but in relative terms, the latter will grow faster than the former and this will have a profound impact on the ranking of the major economies on the planet.
ranking in 2050
Goldman Sachs forecasts that in 2050 the ten largest economies in the world (measured in real dollars) will be China, the United States, India, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France and Russia. Italy will be outside the top ten.
The ranking is in 2075
But in the year 2075, not even the impressive France and Japan will be at the top. The United States will drop to third place (also overtaken by India) and Nigeria, Pakistan and Egypt will enter the top ten. There will be no trace of Italy, which confirms the inevitable decline of our country in the international arena. In 2075, according to Goldman Sachs, the top ten will be occupied by China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom. The future belongs to emerging economies.
Evolution of the top ten from 1980 to 2075

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