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Urgent announcement to all customers of Banca Intesa San Paolo: what’s going on

Urgent announcement to all customers of Banca Intesa San Paolo: what’s going on

Banca Intesa San Paolo recently issued a statement to its customers warning them of SMS fraud.

Intesa San Paolo press release –

technology integration In our daily routine undoubtedly led to positive transformations in our lives.

With just one PC, tablet or smartphone, we can access a myriad of conveniences.

With these devices, you can easily complete online shopping, many shopping options, bill payments and even banking services such as bank transfers.

While technology has undoubtedly brought about positive changes in our daily lives, it has also exposed us to new and bigger risks, such as the proliferation of online scams.

In the past, scams were mostly committed by individuals, but now perpetrators use text messages and emails as tools. to lure unsuspecting victims.

Intesa SanPaolo, SMS scams: how to defend yourself

A new form of Internet fraud which targets both bank Intesa San Paolo that their customers.

This scam works through a known method Like a fake smilewhere people receive deceptive text messages that appear to be from the bank.

In fact, these messages are camouflage used by scammers to deceive unsuspecting victims.

Intesa San Paolo Bank
Banca Intesa San

Currently receiving Intesa SanPaolo clients Text message (SMS) with the following content:

  • Dear Customer, We regret to inform you that access to your account has been restricted. To open your account, visit the following link: Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Best regards, Intesa Sanpaolo.

It is important to note that SMS includes a hyperlinkwhich should not be clicked under any circumstances.

After clicking on the link provided, you will be taken to a web page that is very similar to that of a legitimate banking institution.

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However, this web page has been created by deceptive individuals. On this scam page, you will be asked to enter Your personal information.

As a result, scammers will gain access to your passwords, credit card details, and other sensitive banking details. This malicious act will be carried out discreetly, Leave no evidence.

What actions did the bank take?

Intesa SanPaolo has taken proactive measures to protect Their customers are scams Create a brief guide.

The guide stresses the importance of a thorough examination of the content of the message and the procedures it requires.

It is essential for recipients to understand that simply receiving an SMS from Intesa SanPaolo does not verify its authenticity Authenticity automatically.

If you receive a message asking you to provide codes or personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, or anything else Access codeThis is undoubtedly a scam.

Internet fraud
Online fraud –

Intesa SanPaolo never contacts customers to ask for their personal codes and never includes links to external sites Or applications that require entering personal codes.

In the event that a scam text message is received on our mobile device, it is recommended that we delete it immediately without interacting with it No links included.

In addition, it is advisable to update the antivirus software regularly on both our mobile devices and desktop computers.

This way we can Define and contrast Effectively any phishing situation in real time.

In the end, it is always important to regularly check your online bank accounts and prepaid cards to find any unusual transactions which may have been done without permission.

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