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What is it and why is it talked about so much?

Within a few months, the term metaverse has invaded the daily lives of millions of people: all of this success is mainly due to Facebook’s choice to change its name to Metaverse. But what is being created around this choice? What exactly is the Metaverse? Let’s find out together!

term metaverse It was first coined in a Cyberpunk video game, dated 1992. Since that year, the name has remained in the memory of game fans, but it has not gained the success and importance that it has now, and that will definitely happen. In the following article we will try to provide an explanation of the phenomenon, first of all trying to understand it What is the secret of Metaverse’s success?.

Metaverse: What is it?

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Let’s try to define the concept of the Metaverse, even if it’s something of Abstract It is difficult to give an exact definition. Metaverse is technically a file digital universe, through many technological elements including digital and augmented reality. To access it, it is necessary to have a 3D viewer, which will allow the user to fully enjoy the virtual experience.

Therefore, in more understandable terms, it is a space in every sense of the word, created by the data and information entered into it. The main attraction is The possibility of being able to have tangible experiences in the virtual world.

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Metaverse: What do you need to enter?

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Now let’s see how to enter the Metaverse and what tools are needed. First of all, we define that Huge computer skills are not required And that there are very few tools needed:

  1. A computer that can be replaced by a smartphone
  2. Internet connection to interact with the web world
  3. An account on a virtual world platform Metaverse
  4. Augmented reality models can also be used to make the experience more immersive.

There are many platforms that allow you to access the reality of the multiverse, for example decentralizationAnd the sandbox And the stagvers.