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3000 employees at INPS, even without a diploma: an opportunity not to be missed

3000 employees at INPS, even without a diploma: an opportunity not to be missed

Enthusiasm is growing for what will be an unmissable opportunity for thousands of aspiring workers: as many as 3,000 INPS employees are on the cusp of realization.

Waiting for the announcement coming very soon here Which professional personalities Looking for the National Insurance Agency. we will 3000 employees to hire. But the “heartbreaking” news is that sending candidacy It is not necessary to have a diploma. impossible? It seems to be there instead reality.

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The question arises: How can I look for INPS Personal even without a diploma? Indeed, those with the degree are likely to have more chances, but this is not necessarily the case. between Required requirements By the company, in fact, This is not mandatory They passed the exam maturity. The type of professional profile that INPS serves is my office jobmore precisely in the sector.Contact CenterHere is the details And the how to do in Implementation.

INPS Recruitment, What Job Is Offered

Everything Comes From Some (Even Great Expectation) made statements From Tredeco (INPS Chairman) during a meeting of the House of Representatives Labor Committee. there The will of the company is to take on every service call center, Move to full assimilation. this means More functions The more people required.

L ‘Expand the workforce It actually happened some time ago, but among other statements it was Tridico who predicted what happened will happen soon: Call for 3000 jobs. The sector, in fact, from the contact e User support. A telephone call center, yes, but not only. Desired characters can be transformed into customer care on others Telecommunication channels and/or information technology.

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What skills give more possibilities

anyway A diploma is not explicitly required In high school, those who wish to be selected to work at INPS must show all eligibility. of between it ,Previous Experience in similar duties. also proven dialectic “Flawless”, without accents. Skills will be useful solving problems thus Empathy and listening attitude of user needs. Not all are known yet detailsnot soon It will be announced with the ad.

How to submit your application

To participate in the selection promoted by INPS is We will have to wait for the announcement to be published in the Official Gazette. As a result, you will be able to directly access a file INPS Official Website: usually, in the section “Notifications, Announcements, Invoices – Contests – Actions are in progress” You will find instructions for submitting your CV and the required documents.

All that’s left is to wait (and hopefully a little longer), prepare a perfect syllabus and eventually also the next interview and skip your fingers.