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2022 Advertising Bonus, Deadline Extension: How to Apply

2022 AD BONUS: The application time should have expired yesterday, March 31, but the revenue agency’s website glitch over the past few days is extending the booking deadline to April 8.

Advertising bonus 2022: The The tax credit booking deadline has been pushed back to April 8 Because of the blocking of online services for internal revenue that occurred in recent days.

This was reported to the Department of Information and Publication, which, under the item approved on March 31, expects a general extension of the deadlines announced by the Revenue Agency in light of the technical problems that have arisen.

2022 Announcement Bonus: Deadline Postponed

Blogger promotes a product or service in social media

there Deadline for electronic submission of the form containing advertising investment data It was made or will be implemented during the year set on March 31, 2022, but after technical difficulties and problems affecting the website of the Revenue Agency, the Information and Publication Department has ordered Until April 8, 2022 From the deadline for requesting an advertising bonus.

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We remind you that requests must be sent to revenue agency website: To access it, you must authenticate in the reserved area with your SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Electronic Identity Card) or CNS (National Service Card) credentials and retrieve the online procedure to apply for the Ad Reward 2022.

Advertisement bonus 2022: what is it?

2022 Advertising Bonus, Deadline Extension: How to Apply

The advertising bonus It is a facility that allows you to take advantage of A tax credit equal to 50% of expenses incurred in advertising investments of a commercial naturewithin the overall spending limit of €20 million per year.

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The investments you made Companies and the self-employedincluding non-commercial entities, in the daily and periodical press (including the Internet), and on local and national television and radio broadcasters, analog or digital, that are not owned by the state.

In order to take advantage of the 2022 advertising bonus, there is no longer a need to limit the minimum increment to 1% of investments.