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What if it rains throughout August? Many Lights and Shades in Sharon’s Summer »

Weather: What If It Rains All August? Lots of Lights and Shadows in Sharon’s Summer

Lights and Shadows in Summer of Sharon Also in AugustSummer has started with a bang and will continue next week under the sign of Sharon, this formidable hurricane against Italy, the Mediterranean and Europe.

But will it really last for another two months connected?

Long-term forecasts, which we know well, although more reliable than in the past, although still somewhat wrong, indicate the continuation of the season just like the beginning, i.e. boiling, with above-average temperatures surely.

However, some clues make us believe that something can go wrong: climate change means not only higher temperatures or more droughts, but above all extremismthat is, for the warmest and driest periods, the rainy and the coldest periods can alternate, even in an exceptional way.

Going back to look at past meteorological records, we find that in fact the months of the June crackle were often followed by A bit windy mid-August…. Where it was hard to find the sun in the clouds … But as we always say, will the summer of 2022 be able to leave us some memories, even if it is only for a holiday or a weekend or just one night star?

it is clear that.

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