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italic | From Catanzaro to Phibo, Mangialavori’s logic in pursuing its own interests

Giuseppe Mangalafori and Domenico Talini

there Loss of the provincial capital municipality by center right Put it in the dock Forza Italia Regional Coordinator, Giuseppe Mangalafori. especially, former party leader, Domenico TaliniToday, passed through the ranks of “Noi con l’Italia”, ni asks for his resignation, accusing him of being Principal Administrator from U.S Historic defeat acquired after a series of Errors From the evaluation that indicates his not enough in cover The role assigned to from the party. The veto Personal against Antonello TalericoCucumber Support a candidate for mayor With the card in his pocket Democratic Party (Donato), along with the declaration of the city commissioner (appointed by Mangialavori), If Fiorita wins The poll will follow Mass resignation of municipal council members Elected in the first round, they represent the gods Error marksseverely punished by voters center right. What Tallini argues compels us to ask ourselves If you are already Mangialavori he is Insufficient, or he is skilled strategist In pursuit of certain ends. On several occasions, commenting on some of the positions taken by Mangialavori, we have said that they can find Just a logical explanation considering that his behavioral philosophywhich is characterized by Put at the service of his professional needs The role of the Parliamentary and Regional Coordinator. Even the events of Catanzaro are inserted into this furrow and become It can only be understood if it is read in this lightwhich is why the choices Tallini criticizes take on a different value if they are read With the minds of those who are thinking about next year’s political elections for the purpose of Armored filtration insurance. Let’s face it clearly: When Mangialavori He found himself compelled to choose between nomination talericwith Talini behind him, This is from DonatoThe Democratic Party card in his pocket, he has made the appropriate assessments Prefer the second optionwhich gave him the possibility Not having to fight with Talini At the time of configure Lists of policies. Everything else has a secondary value, including the value of creation abnormality Big as a house in the clouds Force Italy to support a candidate With me Donato’s political past. The same argument can be made to find a logical explanation for the position you are taking eat work Regarding the latest Cabinet reshuffle in Executive Limardowhose turbulent process led to a Sharp reduction in the number of Forza Italia board members Inside the military council, everything benefit From those who belong to Vito Betaro. Taking into account that The concern for protection was to avoid negative evaluations by national summits in front of The fall of the only capital Province of Calabria Not yet in the middle left handthere are two hypotheses that can be formulated: o Mangialavori considered that hypothesis An empty box is always better than nothingor the subscriber I was barter in exchange for a future support In upcoming consultations Petaro’s policies. In view of the above, we feel no desire to share the thoughts of those who underestimate their abilities eat work He does not consider him suitable for the role of coordinator, on the contrary, we consider him Very adept at pursuing certain goals and interests; In our opinion, the essence of the matter is different and is related to the circumstance in which and where There is no congruence between interests and general objectives Party and alliance with by yourselfAnd the He puts his work in the exclusive service of the latter.

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He requested a verdict on Berlusconi, while Okyoto and Mangalafori expressed their solidarity with him