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Samantha Cristoforetti's historic space career ended early: European interstellar premiere with Russian Artemyev - video

Samantha Cristoforetti’s historic space career ended early: European interstellar premiere with Russian Artemyev – video

It started about an hour late and ended an hour before our spacewalk Samantha Cristoforetti. Become an Italian astronaut The first European woman to go out for an extra-vehicular activity (EvaAbout the International Space Stationissue). The Moscow Control Center decided to interrupt the mission 60 minutes ago for safety reasons, related to the autonomy of the batteries that power the support systems of the astronauts’ suits. So it was decided to forgo the last scheduled operations to ensure the time needed for the two EVA heroes to safely return to the space station.

the mission

with ESA Cristoforetti (hex), his Russian teammate left Oleg Artemyevin order to Roscosmos. One of the objectives of this mission, which is expected to last six and a half hours, is the completion of its procedures European robotic arm activation (I was) attached to the Russian unit nuka. For this reason, the activity is carried out jointly with the Russian Agency. After each moment of operations from the control center in NASA to me Houstonexist Luca Parmitano. The Italian astronaut was already the main interlocutor of EVA during the first round of the Proxima mission on January 13, 2017 and has accumulated 366 days, non-cumulative, in space: more than any other ESA astronaut. What Kristoforiti and Artemyev have to do is complete some as well clearing house operations In the Russian unit Nauka (or Multipurpose Laboratory Unit, Mlm) e 10 nanosatellites launched into orbit.

For her gait, Samantha wears a Orlan suit: So far the only person able to afford a spacewalk. American suits Economic and Monetary Union (Out-of-Vehicle Mobility Unit) On March 23, it was accused of leaking water while wearing it Matthias Maurer. will be the station Visible from Italy Between 9:44 PM and 9:48 PM it will be visible to the naked eye towards the north.

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