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Weight Loss: Best Superfoods of 2023, Great Effects and Lots of Health with the Best Superfoods


Losing weight does not mean stopping eating: so-called negative-calorie foods help you lose weight, and here’s what they are.

You’ve probably heard this saying, or perhaps you’ve experienced it firsthand One of the main causes of weight gain is high-calorie snacks Which is done between one meal and another. Potato chips, biscuits, chocolate… sweet or salty snacks that are consumed very sparingly, but in fact they are the worst enemies of figure and health.

Weight loss: the best superfoods of 2023, amazing results and great health (

A great trick to getting rid of most of the excess weight is to eliminate all these unhealthy foods and replace them with negative calorie ones. This definition indicates that instead of saving calories, it contributes to burning more.

Foods that are useful for losing weight: This is how you lose weight without giving up

So knowing what these foods are is important to focus onWeight loss goal: he was there Nutritionist Daisy Connor To explain to them daily Mail And to clarify that as well A diet consisting exclusively of this type of product would be a mistake. “Focusing exclusively on low-calorie foods as a way to lose weight can lead to a deficiency in fats and proteins, which are vital to health.”The expert warns.

Weight loss what to eat
Lose weight: superfoods of 2023 that protect your figure and health (

to’High percentage of fiber Contained in these caloric foods stimulate energy. Thanks to thermogenesis, the body uses stored fat for energy, producing heat. These are ten foods that, if eaten instead of the usual harmful snacks, will help you lose weight. Let’s see them one by one:

Lean meat – Chicken breast, pork, turkey: Very filling, although they do not contain negative calories. Its richness in proteins makes the digestion process more tiring Thus temporarily increasing your metabolic rate, which leads to burning more calories.

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papaya – Rich in vitamin C, its fiber helps fight constipation and regulate cholesterol. In addition to, there Beta cryptoxanthin is a powerful antioxidantExcellent for preventing arthritis.

cauliflower – Fat-free and rich in vitamin C

option – They contain a lot of water and vitamin C, so they are effective Against inflammation And water retention.

Celery – With an abundance of sodium and potassium, it is the perfect ingredient in smoothies to drink after training.

asparagus – Its diuretic properties help eliminate toxins. Pregnant women can safely take it due to the presence of folic acid.

tomatoes – Thanks to lycopene, which gives ripe tomatoes their typical bright red color, they have a wonderful antioxidant effect.

apples – Although they are not completely negative in calories, apples (preferably green) contain a lot of fiber and thus allow you to feel full by reducing the feeling of hunger.

coffee – If drunk without added sugars or sweeteners, it promotes fat burning and energy production.

Chili pepper – The capsaicin found in this spice prompts the body to burn more calories quickly.


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