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Weather Warnings Tuesday 7 June 2022

Weather Warnings Tuesday 7 June 2022

The nice summer weather is to relax. What is expected next week is that the jet will be very lively on the Central European meridians, and experts say it is likely that Italy will cross one and more unstable triggers of the Northern Matrix. But let’s start from the next few hours, there is a weather warning from the Civil Defense.

4 districts received thundershowers from today
A new unstable southwest flow will affect our northern areas today, with heavy thunderstorms, especially in the middle hours of the day. At the same time, in the central-south, further infiltration of North African hot air will bring the maximum temperature back to very high values. Based on the available forecasts, the Department of Civil Defense, in agreement with the regions concerned, issued a warning of adverse weather conditions. Can determine weather events, hydrological and hydraulic reviews affecting different parts of the country. Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and the autonomous province of Bolzano are forecast to receive heavy rains from Sunday morning, mainly inland or with thunderstorms. These events may be accompanied by heavy rain, hail, frequent electrical activity and strong winds. Based on the expected events, the yellow alert was evaluated on Sunday, June 5 in the areas of Veneto and Lombardy, Trentino Aldo Adiz and Emilia-Romagna.

However, maximum temperatures are expected today in Sicily, where they reach 40 degrees in Syracuse, Catania and Aguirre and 42 degrees inland (such as Cadenano). 38 degrees in Buglia and Sardinia, 35-36 in Calabria and Campania. Elsewhere, the maximum temperature was recorded at 33 to 35 degrees Celsius in Bologna, Padua, Pavia and Milan in the north.

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What changes from Tuesday, June 7th
According to, almost everything can change from Tuesday, June 7 to June 9-10. Therefore, heavy thunderstorms on Sunday in the north at the beginning of the week, with temperatures even above 40 ° C in Sicily and even higher in the south, will see significant stability conditions on the peninsula. However, they will form daytime storms over a part of the north, mainly with a very severe nighttime downpour trend over the northeastern Alps and Freelps. Several storms, which were getting worse during the day on Tuesday, were strong across the north and part of the center, especially Tuscany, Umbria and Marche; Storms and local hailstorms are not excluded. This instability will dictate a further drop in temperature in the north and one part of the center, while other parts of the peninsula will still be resistant, although the heat will subside.

Then on Wednesday some thunderstorms are expected to reach the southern regions, but it will be very low, on the other hand, the change in air mass will dictate a drop in temperature in the south. Will come. Over the next weekend, the African anticyclone may begin to invest again on the peninsula, with even extreme heat by Sunday-Monday.