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This is the result of the landslide of

This is the result of the landslide of

Full highway traffic Valle d’Aosta has been subject to a strong depression since the afternoon Today due to a huge traffic jam at the entrance to the Mont Blanc tunnel. That is the result Two days ago there was a landslide in France It also forced the closure of the Freges tunnel to trucksRail links between Italy and France were cut.

In fact, all heavy vehicles and ordinary vehicles have the Mont Blanc tunnel as their only “outlet”: The flow of traffic therefore spilled over into the Valle d’Aosta Soon the road will be blocked. Autostrade per l’Italia warned in the afternoon It was about a three hour wait to get to Courmayeur, France, reduced to two in the evening. Long column trucks have evolved on the A5. At Châtillon, 60 kilometers from the tunnel, cars heading towards the French border were abandoned and parked on a state road.

The situation is similar on the French side: 1 hour and 45 minutes wait to go through the tunnel. Even the agency that manages the French motorways advises For those who need to reach Italy via the Ventimiglia Pass.

By 2pm, 4,800 vehicles passed through CourmayeurAlmost half Tir: This is the amount of traffic usually recorded in a 24-hour interval.

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