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Weather, shot of the Epiphany scene, snowfall in mid-January. Screenshots »

Weather, shot of the Epiphany scene, snowfall in mid-January. Predictions

Forecast for January 2022Do not be fooled Nearly spring brackets are expected in the next few days and its peak will be at its beginning For the new years, General Winter has many more surprises and the first signs of climate change may come in the future.Epiphany.
On the other hand, we are still in the coldest period of the year statistically and climatically, so they are not considered an exception. Cold and snow scenes; Well, long-term weather forecasts start with a scent Ice twist, In mid-January.

To understand what will happen in the next few weeks, as usual, we need to expand our vision to the entire hemisphere. Well, what emerges is that, in Arctic latitudes, Between Scandinavia and Russia Formed a large area filled with Arctic-continental air (very cold) Cold tank It could slide towards Europe and thus freeze waves could hit our country many times over.
In technical terms, this ice bubble “Russo-Siberian Anticyclone“, தி”Russian bear“. It is, in essence, a ‘.High thermal pressure, During the cold season it is formed by the accumulation of very cold air in the lower layers following a strong and prolonged diffusion of heat accumulated during the day.

I The first signs of change Can take the material About 5/6 January When Decisive cold currents The Arctic origin extends from northern Europe to the Mediterranean Basin: leading to a definite energetic phase.
According to the hypothesis confirmed by the latest data available to us, the Bora Gate entrance of these Arctic air masses Hurricane vortex In our seas. If this happens, it’s reasonable to look forward to the end of the holiday season It’s raining, There is a risk of thunderstorms. At that point it needs to be evaluated Temperature, Can not deny that it can return there tooSnow up to low altitude.

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True Turning point However, it should only come at the end of the first ten days of JanuaryThe arrival of more cold currents It moves west-east from northeastern Europe (Russia) and reaches Italy. So the doors will open here Decisive winter scenes, The ability to cause a Temperature drop Rainfall in most parts, snowfall returns even at low altitudes.

In Next days We will try to understand whether this system is stable or not. More updates will follow.

Very cold winds are likely to descend from northeastern Europe after January 6/7Very cold winds are likely to descend from northeastern Europe after January 6/7