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San Silvestro » African giants have arrived across Italy in frantic weather since nightfall.

New Year’s Weather: African giants arrive across Italy on San Sylvester’s Night Climate

In late May it is unusually warm throughout the central south, but also in the mountains and mountains in the north. Fog and dangerous smog in Valpatana

With the big news of the end of December and the New YearNew Year with snow …. this year will be the opposite, the weather looks crazy!

There is a recent update Confident IClimate evolution We’ve been talking to you for a few days now and looking forward to the final part of 2021. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve We are about to reveal one Contradictory twist, With Severe conditions (And vice versa) will join us on the journey towards the new year.
The eyes, in particular, focused on what we call beautiful African giant, It is in one Large high pressure area It is destined to burn some parts of our country between the end of this year and the beginning of the new year, It was already May instead of almost December.
No, not superfluous, this is all true, this situation certainly does not affect the whole of Italy. In fact, the opposite intensity happens somewhere: in blank, Al Nord (But pay attention Liguria And besides Central-North Adriatic Beaches), In fact, night seems to continue even during the day Fogs, Fogs e Low clouds It does not allow the sun to penetrate and heat up, thus making the atmosphere almost ghostly and cold.
In short, it will be a paradoxical period, characterized by two peaks, indicative of a changing period.

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The Announcements Confirmed by the last update and actually about the whole European chessboard, there is a strong one Anticyclonic system arising from Africa It is getting more and more stressful.

After bad weather on Christmas weekend, IAfrican resistance, Accompanied by hot air at high altitudes, It occupies most of the Mediterranean and will greatly affect the last days of 2021.
Is hereDisorder. Normally, this weather statistic would keep us company in the summer, but this year he decided to exaggerate it, and won To rise at latitude Climate What should be the coldest time of the year with deviations from the average + 10/12 C, so the values ​​in the hills and mountains are the same for the month. May, Of course contradictory.
Sunny weather and very mild in the central-south too A maximum of 20 degrees Celsius is expected during the day.
However, atmospheric stagnation due to reversal, which often occurs in winter, a Air stagnation in the lower layers, Species வால்பதன, Resulting in creation Fogs The Low clouds And with temperatures that are even cooler during the day. Details, Fog and dark sky Displayed on the plain Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto e Friuli Venice Giulia. But we can have the same effect Coast, Species Liguria and Upper Tuscany, As well as on that Central-North Adriatic.

They are technically defined Fogs“The”Sea fogAnd form on the still cooler surface of the ocean (due to the season) due to the flow of hot and highly humid air masses. The phenomenon of Makkah It can be constant even in the middle of the day.

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However, to come to an end, we are forced to underline a Truly insidious and dangerous phenomenon For our health. Lack of ventilation for days and days can actually be conducive to stagnation Contaminants Due to the particularly high pressure, the lower layers of the atmosphere must be “crushed”, which often causes poor environmental parameters, which can have serious consequences for our health (such as respiratory diseases).

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