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Weather maps for November: between rain shadows and dangerous flood risks!

Weather maps for November: between rain shadows and dangerous flood risks!

Flooding in neighbors yard. It could be the title of a movie about the weather for the next 10 days. The weather will actually be characterized by the persistent pressure of several Atlantic disturbances that will pass over Italy in quick succession, as part of an often very tense southwesterly flow.

Libeccio brings with it a lot of humid air but affects very specific areas of the country Often heavy and heavy rain. any? Eastern Liguria, Trevenetto, Upper Tuscany and the Upper and Central Tyrrhenian Sea regions in general.

We see it through this unambiguous map, Which refers to the total phenomena according to the European model until November 5where we have not for once highlighted where the rain will fall, even if it is very heavy, i.e. between Spezino, Upper Tuscany and Trevenetto, but the areas which will receive little or nothing, i.e. will remain in the rain shadow, which is always the same in these conditions : Lower Piedmont, Western Liguria and the Central Adriatic Sea:

The German model is meaner with rainBut here the phenomena stop early, on the second of November. However, it highlights more clearly the areas that will remain semi-arid, namely the entire Adriatic side and Sicily as well.

And finally the American model which highlights more abundant rainfall but also emphasizes all the rain shadows generated by Libeccio, After all, the mountains of our country are the same and we certainly cannot demolish mountains to change them 🙂

The fact remains that if the hurricane shown in the following map (which refers to the European model) scheduled to occur on Friday, November 3 actually arrives, we will certainly witness a turbulent weather phase:

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