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Asi |  Italian Space Agency

Asi | Italian Space Agency

From cooperation between the Union of Universities ReLUIS (University Laboratory Network for Earthquake and Structural Engineering) And a group of researchers fromInstitute for Environmental Electromagnetic Sensing (IREA-CNR)the first related document was published Guidelines for the use of satellite interferometric data aimed at interpreting and evaluating the structural behavior of buildings.

These guidelines aim to clarify some aspects related to the appropriate and optimal use of satellite SAR interferometry in assessing the behavior and health condition of buildings. This allows on the one hand to reduce excessive expectations regarding this tool and, on the other hand, to clarify that, if used and interpreted correctly, it can provide valuable assistance for structural diagnosis.

Of fundamental importance to the drafting of the document is the provision of opportunity Italian Space Agency For some historical datasets of SAR images acquired by satellites of the Italian constellation Cosmo-Sky Med.

The document was born out of need on the part of… Italian Civil Protection Department To promote and support the activity aimed at deepening and clarifying the fundamental aspects of the use and possible applications of Differential Satellite Interferometry (DInSAR) techniques in the study of the structural behavior of buildings.

The document is subject to public investigation until November 15, 2023 for discussion on possible improvements.

More details on the IREA-CNR website at this link connection.

The guidelines document can be found here.

higher: SBAS strain rate map-Dinsar At full spatial resolution From acquired CSK data From descending orbitsRelated to the Fiumicino Airport area. A zoomed-in map is shown below The speed of deformation is in correspondence with a section of the path and the time series histogram Deformation of one of its points located in the region of maximum deformation. At this link, the image is in its original size