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Weather forecast, record temperature: 47.5°C during the day and 30°C at night

Weather forecast, record temperature: 47.5°C during the day and 30°C at night

Temperatures up to 30 degrees! It sounds normal, but instead we are talking about minimum temperatures! As in Africa, the Italian night has become increasingly tropical due to global warming created by the greenhouse effects of fossil burning, overbuilding and the massive use of air conditioners. In short, at night the minimum reaches 30 ° C, at 8 in the morning we are already 35 ° C, in the afternoon it exceeds 45 ° C in the shade! And 46°C yesterday in Sicily and Sardinia, in Salemi and Tertenia (even more, 47.5°C the day before): an apocalyptic scene.

Andrew CarpinadoSite editor, confirms the alarm of the past few days and reminds us that it is indeed a warning raised by scientists for decades: temperatures have exceeded the worst predictions ever proposed by the most pessimistic. The worst case scenario of global warming is happening early and we need to take action: one simple method is to reduce cemented areas and return to forests and green areas. A green area in the middle of the city has a temperature 3-5°C lower than the rest of the cement city centre.

Obviously, in future projections, we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels and use more renewable energies like wind and solar. The sun that makes us cook in the summer, solar photovoltaics, solar heating and thermodynamics in Italy can get even bigger developments with the sun.

Beyond solutions for the future, let’s try to understand how long this terrible phase brought by Charon, a sub-Saharan anti-storm that has covered all of Italy and fallen to the north, will last. .

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The oppressive heat will end on Friday 21 July with the arrival of widespread thunderstorms which, given the enormous heat energy involved, will be very strong and possibly hail. Temperatures will drop in the center on Saturday, July 22, while South Sharon will be the protagonist until the bitter end.

In short, in the center-north we will drop to around 35 ° C at the weekend (twenty years ago the temperature made us cry in suffocating heat), in the south we will be in the oven burning up to 45 ° C and beyond: even on Monday July 24 Sicily and Sardinia again peak 47 ° C!


Thursday 20 In the north: more thunderstorms in the Dolomites, stronger overnight from Lombardy towards Veneto. Mid: Sunny and slightly cooler. In the South: Sun and intense heat.

Friday the 21st. In the north: severe thunderstorms. In the middle: good weather and heat. In the South: Sun and intense heat.

Saturday 22nd. In the North: Very heavy thunderstorms. Central: A few brisk thunderstorms in the Marche area at times unstable. In the south: sun and even hotter.

Trend: A new African flare towards the Major Islands and the extreme south, with peaks of 47-48°C earlier in the week, has not been ruled out.