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Weather forecast, here is the vernal equinox: sun and 25 degrees Celsius


It is the day of the vernal equinox: the word is derived from the Latin “aequinoctium” (aequus, “equal” and nox, “night”): today the sun rises exactly in the east and sets exactly in the west, making the duration of the day the same as the night.

Lorenzo TedeschiTherefore, the meteorologist confirms to that, starting tomorrow, the day will continue longer than the night, and this will contribute to a gradual rise in temperatures without any weather phenomena.

More light, more desire to work, more energy, more desire to be outdoors. Spring represents a rebirth after a cold winter, even if this year's winter was exceptionally warm.

Record mild values ​​were recorded in February in particular, and then we had late snowfalls in March with tons of snow in the Alps and Apennines: however, snowfalls were recorded at medium to high altitudes, confirming a phase that was not particularly severe.

Now with the onset of spring, we are seeing the return of the African Cyclone over Italy: we will see at least 2-3 sunny days, very mild with highs reaching 25°C with a taste of blooming flowers. The weather will even be nice Friday In the north-central, while in the south it will rain on Friday afternoon due to the entry of more unstable air from the Balkans.

The feeling of spring, this jolt, will be brief: Quick weekend getaway delle Palme, the arrival of an air mass in Italy which, imagine, will arrive directly from the Norwegian Arctic Circle.

Saturday Storms are expected in the north and snowfall in the Alps (especially central-eastern) at an altitude of 800-1000 meters above sea level; to Central South Sunny spells will still prevail.

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Palm Sunday: The dove will carry the olive branch in the windstorm; Wind speeds are expected to reach 50-60 km/h from north to south with higher strengthening in Sicily, Sardinia, the Alps and the Apennines. In addition to the wind we will live a Sunday With a feeling of winter again in the center (especially between Lazio and Abruzzo) with snow above 1100-1300m and heavy rain at lower altitudes. We will also have bad weather in the northeast, especially between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the shock of spring will immediately become a memory.

In the mainstream, this Norwegian disruption will cause our country to slide rapidly towards the Balkans and Holy week It could be at the mercy of another hurricane, this time from the Atlantic: models are actually predicting a deepening of the low pressure area towards Spain from the start of the new week.

As often happens, with weather conditions linked to disturbances in Spain, we will be able to experience one of these two possible scenarios Tuesday 26 March Onward: The disturbance will move eastward and bring bad weather to Italy during most of the Easter period, or it will remain stationary over Spain favoring the rise of warm currents from North Africa with a warm and sunny Easter especially in the central south.

They are two completely opposite scenarios, so, before making a reliable prediction for Easter, we will have to wait a few more days. In the meantime, let's enjoy the first jolt of spring until Friday, then get ready for the winter weekend in the Palms.

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in detail

Wednesday 20

In the north: good weather except for low clouds in the morning in the Po Valley. In the middle: clear or slightly cloudy skies. In the south: Partly cloudy.

Thursday 21st

In the north: sunny but with more clouds in Trevenetto. In the middle: clear or slightly cloudy skies. In the south: abundant sun.

Friday 22nd

In the north: good weather, except for local fog in the Po Valley. In the middle: Partly cloudy or partly cloudy. In the south: scattered rain showers.


Weekend with some thunderstorms, especially in the northeast.


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