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Puglia pushes us into space and 2022 is the right year

Grottaglie wants to become a safe haven for space tourism, at least by 2022, thanks to the port space infrastructure, already in place on projects undertaken next year.

Grottaglie, the Italian spaceport –

Grottaglie Spaceport is a dream come true, a vision realized after years and years of work, that aims to become one of the few access points in Europe to start space travel very soon. And so we are waiting for the Italian turning point in space tourism, 2022, with the infrastructure of the spaceport, could be a turning point for Puglia’s ambitions in the space sector.

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The Covid pandemic has not only destroyed our lives, but has also attacked the aviation sector, thus showing how an important segment of the space economy depends primarily on satellite data for monitoring, tracking and monitoring of ground changes. planet. “An important game is being played and space has proven to be more resilient than the air sector. – Vito Albino, President of Arti, explains – Once the satellite data is acquired, there is a wide scope for application in IT and digital, which is a goal for local businesses.” There are also many examples of satellite building that can be done, made here in Italy.

Spaceport will be a possible departure for a mission in 2023 –

Think only of such unusual examples as the part of the work that is included EXPRIVIA for the satellite Issa Sentinel 6 And the program Copernicus. Or, if we want to achieve high goals, to the Sitael of the Angel group from the Pertosa family. In this sector, Puglia has thrived with dedicated infrastructure, the most important of which is the Grottaglie Spaceport at Arlotta Airport, which is very similar to the Jeff Bezos Spaceport, which houses only vertical rockets. And that’s exactly where Grottaglie has to work: to ensure the vertical and horizontal start.

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The closest goal we will see soon remains a comeback Space Rider From the European Space Agency, the spacecraft that we remember is scheduled to remain unmanned and will be launched in 2023 from the Kourou base, capable of conducting scientific and technological experiments in microgravity conditions at an altitude of 400 km above Earth, without endangering the life of an astronaut. A project already funded and Grottaglie is an ideal place to land two months into the mission, and hopefully the papers will be signed soon.