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“We really love Maneskin, we wanted to cover her on The X Factor”

“We really love Maneskin, we wanted to cover her on The X Factor”

December 09, 2021, 9.00 pm
, time 21:27

During the Coldplay password live broadcast on the radio. Chris Martin talks about his latest album and says, “It’s all about love.” Then I wish RTL 102.5 listeners a happy birthday, and I will listen to you

before final X Factor, Chris Martin from Coldplay connect with password The program he manages Nicoletta, Cecilia Songini and Niccolò Giustini on RTL 102.5. Before the long-awaited evening Chris gives an exclusive interview with the most watched radio vision in Italy. Recently, on October 15, i Coldplay presented their latest album on RTL 102.5 (You can review the interview on RTLplay.) “There are a lot of people watching me, it’s a funny situation. I’m happy with the love we’re getting, we don’t care about recent record reviews. We do our best‘ says Chris Martin, answering Nicoletta’s questions.The album is all about loveAmong other things, says Chris. The song “Let Somebody Go” – part of the album Music of the Spheres – was produced with Selena Gomez: in this case she talks about love that ends and the courage to leave someone someone still loves “.We are very happy when we succeed in collaborating with other artists and tend to do so with the people we love. When we wrote Let Somebody Go, we just thought this song would be perfect for Selena Gomez and we’ll always be grateful for it.‘, he continues to say Chris Martin.

Judgment on the tenth factor and the human race

It’s beautiful, here we are at X Factor, we’ve met the Maneskins that we love so much. The initial idea was to honor Maneskin, then play one of their songs and then we realized they were here too and we were going to play the same song. There is a real manskin we can’t cover“: I manskin, who have achieved all kinds of successes, once again collect the compliments of the stars (after those who arrived on social networks from Mick Jagger After the concert in Las Vegas). Kris indulges in a drink to warm up his voice before the X Factor grand final. It gets excited when Nicoletta says that every woman wants a man to say it: “you’re Worldwide “. ” Thanks, I don’t think I’m the perfect boyfriend. I have many shadow points that are not seenChris Martin responds.

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Do boilers stop?

The last three records then stopped? Chris Martin Removes any doubt from fans: “Yes, we will only do live music, next year we will be back on a world tour. We are achieving our goal: to truly go green, one must use technologies that do not yet exist“. Coldplay’s Chris Martin wishes a happy birthday to RTL 102.5 listeners. “I’ll spend the holidays listening to you‘, we conclude.

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