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#Incorvassi and #Donnalisi: Comparing Two Ideas of Love – Big Brother VIP

While they are in Cortiletto having fun together, the #I got angry hey #Donalesi They find themselves discussing their idea of ​​love and the different way they live their relationship.

Antonella She shows herself very skeptical about the feelings she unites Edward Tavasi And Micol EncorviaShe does not find in them the same passion and the same intensity of feelings that she experiences in her relationship: “I don’t see that extra in two people who love each other, I don’t see it in you.”. According to the former duelist, the fact that the two never show jealousy of each other is a symptom of little interest, but those directly involved don’t think the same way. “I’ve never been so jealous.” Tavasi says.

unlike Edward And Antonella, #Incorvassi has no intention of moving on and living their relationship by taking the good time. Before talking about falling in love, the two expecting to live outside the home—perhaps conditioned to always being under the curious and vigilant eye of cameras—tend to step back and not indulge in excessive effusions: She also avoids kissing me.

Edoardo Donnamaria’s idea aligns with that of his fiancée and believes that the two should live their relationship at home without restrictions: “In my opinion, from here you don’t have stronger feelings.” He says. “You can’t burn something as important as I love you.” Says Micol, convinced that leaving home means underestimating such a pure and real feeling as love, which is worth experiencing in real life.

“I get butterflies in my tummy when I don’t see you for two days and I can’t wait to see you” VIP continues, addressing Tavassi directly. If #Donnalisi aims to live everything one hundred percent now, live every emotion to the fullest, #Incorvassi have a more cautious and rational approach and wait to experience their relationship outside the home, without allowing the emotions of the moment, perhaps conditioned by the context in which they find themselves, They can take over and then come out like a flash in a frying pan.

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“There is nothing right or wrong” Donnamaria concludes with diplomacy, finding his trusted friend Tavassi in agreement, who replies: “It’s two different ways of living.”.

Passion and instinct or wisdom and rationality: What is the right way to live in a relationship in the Big Brother House?