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Soleil Sorge And Alex Belli Hot In The Kitchen/Video It's "Sexy When You Go Rolling..."

Soleil Sorge And Alex Belli Hot In The Kitchen/Video It’s “Sexy When You Go Rolling…”

a kitchen big brother vip It heats up more and more in these minutes with Alex Bailey e Soleil rise Engaged in making dangerously “hot” dough. The two “special friends” met in the evening to share this culinary moment and once again proved that they can’t stay away from each other. With plenty of rolling at hand, the influencer and former face of men and women is delighted to prepare dinner, with Alex standing behind her, provoking her with thrusting motions and mischievous looks.

Sulli got help during the dough from her roommate who immediately picked up the ball by making some pretty daring jokes after her friend’s moves: “Come on to your rolling pin, you really are a rolling pin, like rolling pins are you…”, he cried, and let them go, almost embracing each other, to laugh between embarrassment and malice.

Soleil Sorge and Alex Belli Hot in the Kitchen: Dangerous Dough

Alex Bailey He didn’t back down at all, on the contrary, he continued to tease Soleil rise I was stuck behind: “How sexy you are when you go rolling”He added the actor between the serious and the stunning. Soon the actor turned away a little from his girlfriend, urging her to hurry up preparing the dough for the plate, only to come closer and speak in her ear in a persuasive voice: “Come to smattarellina, see how smattarelli …”.

Soleil was in the game and she is also in a sexy voice answering Billy’s question about who taught her to use the pin so well: “Matarella”He answered, which made his friend laugh. Then the two relieved the sexual tension that had arisen, returning to the usual jokes and answering the tenants’ questions. A short time before, at the moment of mingling, the two of them once again exchanged hands clasped, and approached each other several times to exchange fleeting kisses.

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