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Wall Street performance on January 12, 2024 session

Wall Street performance on January 12, 2024 session

Major US stock indices Recorded fractional changes In the last session of the week.

The Dow Jones index fell 0.31% to 37,593 points, after hitting a new all-time high of 37,825 points. The Standard & Poor's 500 index recovered 0.08% to 4,784 points, below the new high of 4,802 points. Plus sign for the Nasdaq (+0.02% to 14,973 points).

Some surprises in the first quarterly reports of the financial sector giants in the United States. Bank of America in the spotlight (-1.06% to $32.8). The institute ended the last three months of 2023 with revenues lower than the analyst consensus, while earnings per share were in line with expectations.

Bad day for Tesla (-3.67% to $218.89). According to what was reported by some news agencies, the automobile giant may reduce production at the German factory, following supply problems due to the complex geopolitical situation in the Red Sea.

Worst performance for Delta Air Lines (-8.97% to $38.47), which revised downward its estimates of earnings per share for the current fiscal year. Conversely, the airline closed Q4 2023 with better-than-consensus revenue and earnings per share.

Quarterly from UnitedHealth Group (-3.37% to $521.51) Wall Street wasn't keen.

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