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Twitch CEO admits after layoffs it's 'not profitable'

Twitch CEO admits after layoffs it's 'not profitable'

I CEO of Twitch Dan Clancy admitted that the streaming platform is owned by Amazon It is not profitable. The information comes from Q&As conducted on Twitch.

“We've made that clear in the past, saying we need to manage it sustainably, but I'll be frank: at this point We are not profitable“.

He continued: “Amazon has been very supportive of Twitch and this is important that must be sustainable over time Make sure we don't lose money“.

“We need to make sure Twitch has The appropriate size “To be here for the long term. It's important for Twitch to be here not just today, not just tomorrow, but 50 to 100 years from now,” he added. Our job is to manage Twitch in a way that ensures it thrives and is there for you and the communities you've built, because I don't think other platforms are like Twitch.”

“The bottom line is that the real reason for this decision has to do with the fact that we were too big in size to meet your needs.”

Twitch layoffs

Dan Clancy

Twitch has been hit with new layoffs, but the problem has spread to many other companies.

“this This isn't unique to Twitch“In fact, it's very common for technology companies to size their organizations with an eye toward where they might be in three or four years,” he said. “And of course we at Twitch have big dreams about where we'll be and how we can continue to grow with streaming. However, we really have to manage the company as it stands.”

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“I want to be clear: We still have enough resources,” Clancy said. “We're still a reasonable-sized organization. We'll still be able to meet your needs. We'll still be able to improve the product. We won't be able to do everything we did before, but I think in 2024, there will still be a lot of things that will interest you.”