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Wall-spanning doors can be opened without a handle: the last frontier of modern carpentry

Wall-spanning doors can be opened without a handle: the last frontier of modern carpentry

It’s incredible how innovation never ceases to surprise us: these are the doors that are flowing, easy to open and practical.

The interior design sector is one that is moving at truly tremendous speeds, both in terms of technological research and jobs. In fact, when it comes to the necessity of creating solutions for our interiors capable of combining functionality and aesthetics, research requires a lot of effort.

Space design It requires a deep understanding of its nature, but at the same time of who it will inhabit. It’s not just a matter of taste and style, it’s a combination of many factors that make the end result truly unique and personal.

One of the most traveled frontiers in recent times, in terms of research, in terms of interior spaces, It’s about the doors. Only in the last few years, It has changed its appearance and become a design element In truly distinctive shapes. If initially the door was chosen based only on its function, today it has become a real masterpiece, capable of becoming the protagonist of the environment.

In particular, Doors extend to the wall, creating great continuity between the structural element and the opening. The final frontier of carpentry is Flush door opens without handleA true gem capable of making our home amazing.

Doors that extend to the wall without handles: that’s how it works

Wall-mounted doors have truly won everyone’s admiration, especially because of their elegance, but also because of their superior functionality. However, we never imagined that carpentry made them more amazing. However, today it is possible to have doors that extend up to the wall and can be opened without a handle.

Wall-mounted doors: this is what they look like

Doors extended to the wall: this is how they open without a handle (

It’s actually about Doors with retractable handle Which, therefore, do not have any handle.

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In order to use it, Just insert your finger into the tray or apply pressureAnd the. This is a really cool innovation, which makes these doors even more simple in their design. In fact, the initial goal they were born with was to become invisible on the wall, but actually having the handle means interrupting this continuity in some way.

For everyone who wants Creating a surprising effect and the idea of ​​disappearing, this type of door is truly perfect. It is worth noting that design combined with technological innovation can create a truly stunning modern art form.

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