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Volkswagen Golf, first teaser of the redesign

Volkswagen Golf, first teaser of the redesign

Debut of the redesign The Volkswagen Golf is closer than ever. CEO of Volkswagen, Thomas Schaefer, shared a greeting video message via his LinkedIn account in which he recalls some of the key innovations for 2023. However, the most interesting part is at the end, when the car manufacturer’s number one offers a first look at the redesigned Golf. In particular, in low light we can catch a glimpse of the front of the station wagon.

Moreover, the launch has been confirmed for next year. In particular, its debut is expected at the beginning of 2024 Teaser for the new model However it is interesting because it allows you to observe New light signature The Golf features an LED strip running along the entire front, interrupted only in the middle by the logo, which is itself illuminated.

What do we know?

Therefore, Volkswagen has revised the front by introducing new headlights that will have a renewed light signature. Judging by the spy images seen so far, the German brand will make some additional small modifications to the front without any particular disturbances. However, at the back, the light clusters will feature new graphics.

As for the engines, there shouldn’t be any major changes because we’re still talking about a redesign. The current range of engines should be revived. The Plug-in version, in particular, should benefit from the innovations seen in the latest Volkswagen PHEV models. Therefore, the new powertrain, thanks to the larger capacity battery, will be able to provide an electric-only range of up to 100 km. Sporty GTI versions can have a bit more power.

So all that remains is to wait for news about the launch of the facelifted Volkswagen Golf.