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Applies to 23 million workers

Applies to 23 million workers

Compulsory green corridor for workers, public and private, can drive vaccination campaign e Allow you to achieve social immunity early. Minister Renato Brunetta said this at a press conference after the CDM gave the green light to the Green Certificate Extension Decree.

“Let us touch upon the entire world of work, public and private, and the latter self-reliant and self-employed: on the whole, 23 million workers. All the human capital of the country is already largely vaccinated and equipped with a green corridor. With this action, we want to accelerate the physiological dynamics of vaccinations, which provide daily 200-250 thousand new vaccines per day and which in the middle of next month should bring us more than 81-82% of vaccines: it is not enough yet social immunity. This ruling, which has a very wide scope, Comes into effect on October 15. These 4 weeks are not only to prepare the mechanisms but also for a huge advertising effect: Get vaccinated. The result “relating to the objective of social immunity” can be achieved when the decree enters into force.”

“Why are you in such a hurry? Because the fall begins and the spread of the virus increases, as the probability of formation of variants capable of penetrating the vaccine increases: this is the reason for the decree,” says Brunetta, who refers to the model school, where the green corridor has already been adopted: Everything worked in the school, which is the most complex place. The school set an example and we applied the same model to public and private work.”

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Article 1, paragraph 5 of the decree states that “the Minister of Public Administration and Health shall prepare the guidelines and shall sign them by the Chairman of the Council, To keep pace with the passage of controls and presence in the public sectorThe minister confirms, adding that the government is referring to “maximum safety and presence in the workplace to give maximum potential to the Italian production system”. The private as well as the public, and this – he concludes – is the biggest contribution to growth.”

“The basic standard provides for the application of the green lane where it is verifiable. Where there is an entry door, in a public or private place of business, the mandatory green lane is to be applied there. If the professional is self-employed.”