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Vodafone appeals against exclusive Dazn-Tim partnership

Vodafone appeals against exclusive Dazn-Tim partnership

dozen e Vodafone They got to fight. As I mentioned sun 24 hoursThe sports broadcasting platform wants to terminate its contract with the phone company – which links the Dazn app to Vodafone TV – until August 2022.

However, the company led by Aldo Bessio in Italy, does not fit the matter, promising a fight in court. And even if the official reason does not lie in the exclusivity that links Dazn to Tim – the result of the agreement reached to mark the assignment of the 2021-2024 Serie A TV rights to Dazn – it is clear where the question lies.

The contract to acquire the Dazn app within Vodafone TV expires in August 2022. In keeping with that, CEO Tim’s hypothesis will fail. Luigi Gobitossi: «The agreement is covered by a non-disclosure agreement, which is a provision relating to confidentiality, but we can say that it is similar to the agreement with Disney. So we are the only telecom company that can distribute subscriptions».

The beginning of the fight – explains sun 24 hours It dates back to March 12, when Dazn sent Vodafone a letter of termination, as the carrier was not waiting for platform approval before launching two Vodafone TV ad campaigns in February.

Vodafone responds on April 27 with precautionary call (Pursuant to Article 700) at the request of the Business Court of Turin (Vodafone is headquartered in Italy in Ivrea)inibire a Dazn» Dissolution of the relationship. On April 29, the court issued a Measures Adopting Vodafone’s reasons and setting a session on May 31.

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Court it He declares himself incompetent Due to “lack of jurisdiction”, the ball is returned to the UK judge, starting with the assumption that Dazn has among the terms of the contract that he refers every case to the English court. But Vodafone will be ready to complain and the match is open, when the new season is only a few months away.