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Visioninmusica celebrates 20 years of success: here is the program for the new season

Visioninmusica celebrates 20 years of success: here is the program for the new season

Visioninmusica It celebrates its twentieth year of activity with the 2024 season. The program’s seven musical selections are summed up in the season’s title: Multifaceted music. The choice of this name is explained as follows Sylvia Aloni– President and Technical Director of the Association: “Visioninmusica welcomes on its stage the transformations taking place in the musical panorama, also venturing into new sonic paths, with the declared intention of making accessible musical worlds that risk remaining submerged in the mainstream panorama. It is clear that at the basis of the process of selecting the artists participating in the bill, there is excellence And the artistic quality that we have been offering to our audience for twenty years, and on which we make no compromises. It’s about the season wide, international And young man. A mosaic consisting of some of the most original proposals on the international scene, with widely recognized artists and new talents waiting to be discovered.

Francesco Pacini opens the season

season opening, Friday 19 JanuaryIt is entrusted to him Francesco PaciniWho celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of his career Bows and arrows. Accompanied by bracketsChange string echo quartet And guitarist arrangements Michelle Cusatothe Genoese singer-songwriter brings an acoustic reinterpretation of his most famous songs to the show not connected Satirical and intimate, it combines the rock and blues of Pacini that everyone knows with the classical side of his youthful musical training.

The first international guest arrives, a British guitarist Mike DawesWho chose Visioninmusica to show the Italian public his unparalleled style com.fingerstyle. Voted “Best Guitarist in the World” by Total Guitar magazine and MusicRadar two years in a row (2017 – 2018), Dawes is known for his highly engaging and immersive performances, which entertain audiences with stunning improvisations and tongue-in-cheek moments.

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Thursday 7 March

It represents a comeback Dock in absolute With their third album [Re]FlecktIt was recorded in just three days at Cam Jazz Studio. The Luxembourg trio asserts itself as a driving force on the new world jazz scene with its unique sound characterized by shifting tempos and shifting tempos. Leitmotif Melodic melodies that are reflected in all their recording productions.

Friday 22 March

We’ll take a trip on the notes Do not forget to fly to Remo Anzovino. The pianist and composer translates into music man’s ancient desire to fly, inspired by legendary places such as Monte Ceseri in Fiesole, associated with the pioneering flights of Leonardo da Vinci. The collection of 12 movements conjures evocative moonlight aerodynamic scenarios of the track Morning moon To suspend gravity in No attractionand the choreography of bird flight in it Bird dance, creating an engaging and immersive audio experience. At the opening of the ceremony, A Tribute to Rafaela CaraI feel dizzy. I gasped. A theatrical performance with live music that pays tribute to the Italian music icon and gives a profound portrait of her as a woman and an artist, luminous and brilliant but also fragile and human. The film’s protagonists are actress Cecilia De Joli and pianists Denis Zardi and Lucrezia Proietti.

At the end of the season, there are two events with a Latin voice.

Friday, April 5 I

Carla MazzaPresents the emerging Cuban singer and cellist Caribbean, his third studio album. Blending influences of Latin American rhythms such as cumbia, bossa nova, Argentine tango, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and Caribbean rumba, Maza embodies a contemporary homer that conjures inspiration to tell the essence of the Caribbean. In a gesture of artistic independence, she decided to compose and produce the entire album herself, affirming her intention to celebrate Latin music while reflecting her sensitivity and joy in life.

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Friday 19 April

Daniel Garcia, one of the most influential voices in Spanish jazz, performs with his brilliant trio in Visioninmusica. His second album, Via de la PlataHe is proud to collaborate with prominent artists such as Ibrahim Maalouf, Anat Cohen and Gerardo Nunez, highlighting his reputation in jazz and flamenco music. The trio, complete it Reinier “El Negrón” Elizardi On the double bass and Michael Oliveira On the drums, he displays a fluid, almost telepathic musical rapport. García’s music fuses the roots of his homeland with contemporary jazz, embracing musical influences ranging from classical music to flamenco and jazz improvisation.

The Visioninmusica 2024 concerts will be held in Terni inGazzoli Hall Starting at 9 pm.

Full subscription: €105 (on sale as of November 27, 2023)

the tickets From 20 to 25 euros In advance online on the Vivaticket circuit and at all authorized retailers (on sale from November 27).

Resale in Terni: New Sinfone – Galleria del Corso, 12 – Terni

National Department: WWW.VIVATICKET.IT

Christmas promotion (until December 24, 2023): When you purchase at least two shows at once, you are entitled to a discounted ticket.

Social media:

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Flickr

birthday party

As every year, the partnership between the Carette Foundation and the Visioninmusica association is renewed which, with the support of Banco Desio and Brianza, gives the city an exciting Christmas concert. This year, in the Romanesque church of San Francesco (Terni), the event is scheduled to take place on Saturday December 16 9pm – It will have overwhelming energy Pastor Ron So is he Gospel presentation.

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Gospel presentation

The presentation of the Gospel represents A A journey into the world of gospel music, beginning with traditional songs dating back to the origins of the genre, rooted in the spiritual power of the songs of African-American slaves in the southern United States. The experience evolves through executions Contemporary compositions And arrangements inspired by Blues rhythms And For jazz improvisation. In addition to great music, The Gospel Show offers moments of wholesome humor, engaging the audience in a multi-faceted entertainment experience. In fact, Pastor Ron firmly believes that the word of Jesus can be spread in multiple ways, from the classic sermon, to theater and recording productions. His outgoing personality and infectious sense of humor enable him to engage the audience and convey the joy of faith in different ways.