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Jerry Scotti’s Christmas Idea That Surprises Everyone |  Fans are in seventh heaven

Jerry Scotti’s Christmas Idea That Surprises Everyone | Fans are in seventh heaven

Men and women – Source: Instagram –

We finally understand a lot about why this historical figure appeared men and women He decided to abandon the program. Many things have been said, but in the end only the person in question can speak.

men and women It always has been divider viewers, but since its first appearance. There is the group that never misses an episode, the group that hates it and changes the channel as soon as it starts and in the middle there are those who are curious but at the same time critical of a lot of its dynamics.

Regardless of group Belonging, there is some names Which, even though we’ve never seen the show before, is a bit much for hustle Which they probably do on social media, partly because anyway, whether you like it or not, everyone is talking about it there They know everyone. Among many we find a character when he decided this Abandon an offer Maria De Filippi, It created chaos on social media.

That’s why he left

Also another character men and womennewly Released From dating Maria De Filippi, he decided to talk about what was, according to him, just a story Forced action. From what he said, not only was the former knight but also the former lady “gently” escorted to the door By commentatorsHe even declared that he had been subjected to acts of bullying, said L Fan page.

To say all this was Maurizio Laudicinowhich went very badly for him after that meeting jewelHe found interest in the lady again Elena de Perino. This is what He announced Knight: “Elena was almost physically forced out. I don’t remember that there was such an aggressive attitude towards another person…” And again: “When I saw her getting up, I had the urge to accompany her to help her. I could not have done otherwise in the face of this kind of bullying…”


Anyway, later to have gone out, Things seem to be moving on for Maurizio and Elena Full sails“We see each other on weekends, but we are working to ensure that our meetings become more organized…”

Why did Armando Encarnato leave United?

Armando Incarnato – Source: Instagram –

He was afraid to speak

It comes back to us, as well Mauricealso another Former knightNow back to the program Maria De Filippidecided to Tells For Dating Magazine, the reason it took so long before Back to men and women. With a return Ida PlatanoViewers were also able to see one of the most followed participants again, Armando Incarnato. The knight was mentioned in relation to him temporary Abandonment: “I prioritized someone who was worth more than anything else in the world. I decided to stop my journey from men and women mainly for the sake of love…”, thus not for a girlfriend, but for someone else.

Leaving the program cost him his incarnation, but he’s glad he did it for the gods Good reasons. Once he returned, he asked his friend Ida to do it Dance To clarify, the two never spoke again. In practice, Armando had problems very sensitiveThat’s why he didn’t even want to talk about it with the lady, but not because he didn’t trust her, but for fear that she would talk about it with the man. His ex-wifeSo simply stay away from everything and everyone.