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Beatrice Luzzi and Massimiliano Varese: the conflict again – Big Brother 2023

Beatrice Luzzi and Massimiliano Varese: the conflict again – Big Brother 2023

In recent weeks, Massimiliano H Beatrice They grew closer, putting aside differences, clashes and arguments, and became friends. But sometimes, a spark of passion seemed to break out between the two, and they provoked each other several times. They danced together several times. The two actors have hidden the suspicion of a possible relationship between them, which is often denied, and often put aside, in favor of friendship.

“Massimiliano, do you feel attracted to Beatrice?” Asked Alfonso Signorini The competitor responds: “It’s undeniable that Bea is a beautiful woman, and she’s intelligent. Maybe I’m attracted to her aura of mystery, this damned magic.”

“He doesn’t feel that I’m beautiful, nor particularly cursed. He believes it, and I don’t.” The actress responds amused and then adds that she would never entertain the idea of ​​considering Massimiliano as her partner.

However, the host wonders why the actor seems to be waiting for a mistake from his roommate to come forward and start lively discussions.

After the last episode, and after Beatrice’s harsh words to Giuseppe, Massimiliano continued the trend – according to the actress – by accusing her. The actor believes his roommate is exploiting the dynamics of the house, the relationships between others, and putting her mouth on everything to her advantage. This prompted the two to argue violently, and they accused each other of harboring anger and resentment.

It seemed that the thoughts of some of the house’s competitors were directed towards Beatrice’s interest in Massimiliano, but she later said the opposite.

The actor was also called out by Alfonso Signorini for the excessively harsh ways he uses towards his roommate, especially after the discussion we had over the days. But the two rivals continue to argue, and even live, without being able to reach a point.

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If coach Massimiliano is charged more, Cesara Bonamisi She accuses Beatrice of not listening, of having a double standard: she can say her opinion about anyone, but no one can say anything to her.

Since the two actors cannot explain to each other at home, they are called to meet face-to-face in the studio.