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Press on Green Boss: “Alternate to Close”. From restaurants to work, what can be done without the vaccine


The road has now been rediscovered, and the “Super Green Pass” is making great strides. From scientists and doctors to governors and ministers, the audience of those who invite him expands day by day.

After the government-regional meeting and a series of technical meetings, the control room and the group of ministers following it will probably be scheduled for Thursday. The first steps, such as reducing the validity of the certificate to 9 months and the obligation of health workers and the third dose for the RSA, can be determined here, but it is not excluded that the administrator decides to postpone everything until next week. Introduces a set that includes what is also known as “Super Green Boss”. Public Administration Minister Renato Brunetta said it would take effect in December.

What it is and what it is used for – We will switch to the German and Austrian “2G” model. As speculated, pressing on those who have not been vaccinated will not affect traffic. The Ministry of Infrastructure reiterated today that the unions themselves are arguing that it is “impossible” without temporary staff restrictions. Also it does not have to worry about offices, can continue to work with current certification and can also be obtained through negative swap (duration can be reduced to 48 hours per molecule and antigenic 24, some experts prefer to opt out of obtaining a green pass).

The idea of ​​denying non-vaccinated access to social services is on the table, except for the use of the vaccine obligation for all (but this may extend to certain categories such as school staff and law enforcement). We talk about cinemas, theaters, cultural venues, bars and restaurants, theaters, gyms. But only if you end up in the jaundice, if the infections increase again, is there a chance for different regions. It is no coincidence that one in ten Italians decides to expect Christmas shopping – according to Goldiretti’s estimates.

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At the vaccine front, efforts are being made to expand the audience of immunocompromised patients as much as possible: the administration of the third dose from Monday is open to those over 40 years of age, while the improvement of the “booster” dose is not considered. Six but second after five months.

Declarations – A summary that seems inevitable. “We need immediate action,” asks Massimiliano Federica, president of the Regional Conference and governor of Friuli (who already has data from the Yellow Zone).

Federica goes on to say that the Super Green Pass is “one that can convince the undecided on the one hand, and on the other hand it will reassure companies.” “If we do not intervene, the effect is that if one region is closed to everyone in the orange or red zone, it will not cover anyone.”

There is no discrimination: “No one is excluded, but those who are at low risk of being admitted to the hospital are told ‘you can do a few more things'”.

Luigi de Mayo echoes the same sentiment: “Closing everything as an alternative to green bass and vaccines means we can not buy it or we do not want to”. Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa begins a plea to fans at this time that “a sense of responsibility must prevail”: “Wear masks in the stadium”.

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