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Immigrants, French restrictions at Ventimiglia

Immigrants, French restrictions at Ventimiglia

The Paris Wall – “France had to welcome Ocean Viking. We cannot put women, men and their children at risk. We are working at the European level so that (Prime Minister) Giorgia Meloni respects her obligations and this situation will not happen again”, said the spokesperson. For the French government, Olivier Veran, minister of “democratic renewal”, resumes his speech on Bfm television with a message via Twitter. “Italians – the French minister told the broadcaster – are our friends, our neighbors, our brothers, Italy is France’s second largest trading partner, every day tens of thousands of Italians and French cross the border to work for each other, our families are deeply connected, so blaming Italy is certainly not or Italians, we condemn the unilateral, unacceptable, impractical, ineffective and unjustified decision of the current Italian government. . This requires European responses “. From this story” Italy fails – argued Ve’ran – because it has a mechanism of European solidarity in general “, instead of the fact that Italy will undertake to relocate migrants with France and Germany ” instead of the fact that Italy welcomes the ships “. Instead now” if Italy does not respect the fundamental commitment of the European solidarity mechanism, we will not provide the expected counterpart – said the French administration spokesman – which will currently welcome 3,000 migrants on Italian territory “.

Tajani replied: “Italy cannot be left alone once again” – France’s “exaggerated tones” in the migrant issue with Italy and the Ocean Viking case. Foreign Affairs Minister Antonio Tajani said this. “We want to deal with the issue of migration with great calm, but it must be dealt with at the European level and Italy cannot be left alone once again”. France’s attitude as a whole “seems to me to be a problem related to their internal politics,” he added. “We have not broken with France or Europe: we have presented a political problem,” he concluded with Ocean Viking.

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Salvini: “Government ready for tough boxing” – “In sight: fines, seizures and more checks. Govt ready to punch hard on landing”. This is what Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Matteo Salvini adds to his social profiles: “Wrongdoers pay. That’s good.”

Luxembourg: “Testing to understand the new government’s intentions” – With tensions over migrants high between France and Italy, Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said, “The two EU countries are the two main pillars to achieve the reform of the European migration management system. A continuing dispute between Rome and Paris. Harmful for the whole Union”. And he adds: “We will read the true intentions of the newly elected Italian government, how much it wants Europe. I sincerely believe that this is a hiccup at the start of the new government in Rome”. On Monday, the holders of European diplomacy meet in Brussels for the Foreign Affairs Council.

Position of Paris: Europe will pronounce itself after the number of Rome at landing – As Italy refused to welcome the Ocean Viking and the migrants on board, “Paris asked Europe to express itself very quickly on the next developments,” said government spokesman Oliver Veran. BFM-TV. Veran again criticized Rome’s refusal, calling it “a unilateral, unacceptable, futile and unjustified decision by the current Italian government, which calls for European responses”. “The first response – he continued – is humanitarian, and we did it”, welcoming the ship in Toulon. “Remembering the obligations of the second Italy” “to imagine any effective course of action if he refuses”.

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