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Varese on Heidi leaving the field: “I want to leave”

Varese on Heidi leaving the field: “I want to leave”

“I want to leave,” he said Massimiliano Varese The response was released Heidi from Big brotherWho removed herself from the program after speaking to her father during the live broadcast of the reality show.

Face to face between dad And Heidi This sparked a lot of discussion outside and inside the house, as many of the competitors remained speechless in the face of the accusations that the man made against them. VarysAt first he was so shaken that he could not respond.

But with a calm head, the actor sorted out his thoughts and attributed the concerns to it Heidi kisses He said he was nothing like his father. “Now I understand what Heidi was afraid of, and it wasn’t me. He will definitely be afraid of his father’s judgment. I prefer silence because the situation is sensitive. I hope we can end it here. What happened tonight is very serious. “In an age where there are battles against patriarchy, it is really better for me to remain silent.” Big brother Massimiliano Varese from HeidiThen it got worse a few hours later, when he realized that Pacey wouldn’t be inside the house anymore.

“I don’t see anything normal here anymore,” the 47-year-old later revealed without the slightest worry during a conversation with Anita Olivieri. Massimiliano added in his conversation with Giampiero Mogini regarding what happened last night a short while ago: “What happened last night is very serious for me.” Heidi He will leave gf Which causes him to spend a sleepless night, full of tears, memories, and regret (even for what was not and will never be).

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