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Vanessa dies at 26, she is looking for her ex-boyfriend

Vanessa dies at 26, she is looking for her ex-boyfriend

A 26-year-old, Vanessa Jabbal, Was shot dead last night while walking with friends on the beach in the coastal village of Acitressa in Aci Castello. Catanis. According to evidence gathered by Carabinieri, the victim’s ex-boyfriend was actively sought by Arma’s soldiers and opened fire.

Complaints to follow

Another woman at the party was also hit in the back and injured. The victim had already informed the former person that he was backward in the past. For that crime, Catania’s public prosecutor asked the trial judge to place him under house arrest. It is currently subject to access restriction.

He killed his wife and young daughter and took his own life: he suffered from depression and lost his job

The shooting took place at around 3pm last night near the coastal port of Acitressa, the coastal village where Verga formed his Malawoklic family. While the victim was in the company of some friends, her ex-boyfriend, who had broken up with her, suddenly came and asked for an open explanation, shot several shots and killed her. The victim was shot in the shoulder by a friend. Several ambulances from the Aci Castello station and Carabinieri, the Azire company and the provincial command of Catania intervened on the spot and immediately began an investigation.

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