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Sudden illness.  He is 50 years old.  Last post yesterday

Sudden illness. He is 50 years old. Last post yesterday

Last post on Facebook Mayor From Chiavari Marco de Capua It started on the heels of yesterday: this is a photo of fresh flowers planted in the square dedicated to the fall of Nazareth. Belonged to Kapua Died Today one Disease Suddenly in the afternoon. He was at his home in Chestnut Lavender, when he was 50 years old. He is survived by his wife and two children.

De Capua was elected the first citizen of Ciavari, a city of 27,000 inhabitants GenoaFour years ago, in the 11 June 2017 executive elections. He decided to compete for the second time.

In the comments on Facebook, one resident writes: I will miss your many daily, accurate and timely updates. சாந்தியடைய.

President of Liguria Giovanni Thotti He recalled: “Today Liguria loses a good young mayorIn recent years, he has shown that he is an honest, generous man who has always been at the forefront of his beloved Chiavari and his fellow citizens. We bid farewell to Marco de Capua, who we followed in his adventure as mayor, and we will always remember him humanely and for the great work he has done over the years. All Liguria with me hugs your family in a big hug. Hello Marco.

Mayor of Genoa Marco Pucci Defines him as an administrator dedicated to his city. The sudden disappearance of Chiavari Mayor Marco de Capua surprised me. In recent years, especially as metropolitan mayor, I have appreciated his cooperation and availability. Was His commitment to the city is clear And the entire metropolitan area of ​​Genoa. Ligurian politics loses a proper administrator. My deepest condolences go to the family and all the genius warmth to Ziawari.

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A recollection also comes from the secretary of the association Matteo Salvini: Before he was a good mayor who fell in love with his Chiavari, he was a handsome man: a prayer for Marco de Capua, warmth for his family and friends, a thought for his community.