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Closures and restrictions in more than 50 municipalities


Re-outbreak of infection Govit-19 Forced the regional president SicilyNello Musumasi is to enact a decree restricting the approximately 500,000 Sicilians (10% of the island’s population) living with some vaccines in 53 municipalities. For now, the restriction includes wearing a mask even outside, respecting the ban on meetings and wiping if you wish to attend parties or private events. Another 40,000 citizens of the island, living in Nishemi and Parafranca, will end directly from Monday to Monday Orange ZoneThat is, they cannot leave their municipality when the bars and restaurants of the two centers are closed. Some of the Sicilian municipalities subject to restrictions are well known: Kela (71,000 inhabitants), Pantelleria, Capaci, Noto, Piazza Armorina, Augusta, Porto Empedoc, Pacino.

How should tourists in these municipalities behave (including those in orange)? There are no restrictions on travel for now, so they can leave the apartments where they stay because all DBCM companies started in the past always guarantee a return to their home. It is obvious that it is better to increase attention, clear the slightest suspicion of infection and carefully evaluate all the rules. So: reduce contact with others; No meetings; There are no parties, dances and songs even during private meetings; The mask, perhaps FFp2, can be worn every time you leave the house; Reducing the number of people coming to public places such as bars and restaurants; Keep a distance of at least one meter outside and also inside; Avoid going to supermarkets or stores if there are many people; Avoid medical or hospital visits unless necessary; Avoid or reduce participation in sports or recreational events.

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However, everything says that the Sicilian move is only the first in a series. The island is the last place for vaccinations in Italy, but the first place for new infections and deaths. Three figures stand out: the weekly average Govt deaths yesterday Sicily This is three times higher than the 2.2 or national average of 0.75 per million population. Again: more than 20% of new Italian infections a week accumulate in Sicily (5,923 out of 1,350 yesterday). Finally, the regional average of weekly cases is 186 per 100,000 people against 74 Italians. But the average number of infections in some provinces is really worrying: Ragusa is at 337; In Enna 264; Caldonicetta at 256
It should be noted, however, that the “Sicily case” is not isolated.

Province of Reggio Calabria

Province Reggio Calabria For example, it rose to 143, the tenth time in Italy that the number of infectious diseases traveled twice as high as the Italian average. Here, too, are the closures: for example, the small town of Sant’Agada del Pianco on the slopes of Aspramontட ended directly in the red zone yesterday. Other provinces also have the most infections: Cochlear 253 altitude, Liverno 149, Prato 147, Imperia 116. A separate case Rimini. With an average of 149 infections, much higher than in the neighboring provinces, explained by the low number of vaccines, Rimini is one of the capitals of the no wax movement.

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