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Valle del Silencio, in Spain, what to do and see – SiViaggia

Valle del Silencio, in Spain, what to do and see – SiViaggia

There are remote places, completely off the radar of tourists, that have fairy-tale stories and hide natural secrets and truly unique architectural gems. No, to find them you don't have to go to the other side of the world, because they are closer than you think. One of these is located in Spain, and is called Valley of silence.

Where is Valle del Silencio located?

The exceptional Valle del Silencio region (which we will soon discover is not named that by chance) rises to the south of the Spanish region nicknamed The bierzoa corner of the country where nature reigns undisputed and which lies to the west of the Department of León, in the Autonomous Community of Castile and León.

Under the gaze of the Aquilianus Mountains, to reach it you have to cross a road full of small dream villages that provide in the background the constant hum of winding streams and waterfalls.

Why is it called that?

A very special name, that of Valle del Silencio, but there is no universal opinion about it: no one knows exactly why it was called that. That's not to say there's some weird story you're trying to tell.

The first says that it cannot be called otherwise, because when travelers cross the winding road that connects it to the rest of the world, they remain… the giver. However, it is not clear whether the lack of words stems from the numerous curves that have to be overcome or from the unusual, almost endless, landscape that makes you pale.

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According to another story, this strange name is due to the strict rules it imposes Small communities of monks who wandered these parts between the eighth and tenth centuries, and who found here the place they were looking for, as well as the caves in which they had sought refuge and which lay among the mountains which the Celts already considered sacred.

What are you visiting?

The first stop to make near Valle del Silencio is Ponferrada, the capital of El Bierzo and also one of the main stops on the famous (and beautiful) Camino de Santiago. A place with magical features: It is located at the foot of a majestic castle founded by the Knights Templar.

Call temple castle, It was built in the 11th century and then modified, expanded, repaired and restored. It's also very interesting clock tower Which was once the old city gate. Then there Royal prison (Royal Prison), a two-storey building that now houses the Bierzo Museum.

Another attraction not to be missed is Church of Madonna della Quercia Where it is kept Morenitaone of the ancient statues of the Black Virgin Mary in Spain.

From here begins the actual journey that leads to immersion in the Silencio Valley. You have to walk in the direction of San Clemente de Valduesa, Montes de Valduesa and Pinalba de Santiago along a road decorated with a dense and refreshing forest that allows you to go there. Leave the madness of the world behind youIt is no wonder then that it is a destination for hermits.

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With a small detour you can reach it Valduesa MountainsIt is a city with a rural and authentic atmosphere and is located in a particularly isolated location, in the middle of the Aquilianus Mountains, to the point that hermit monks built monasteries and rites here, such as Monastery of San Pedro de MontesAround which the current village was born.

Right after that you have to go in the direction Penalba de Santiago It is striking because it is an unspoilt village. In these parts lies X Church century which Sandoval described as “the most curious and noteworthy object that Spain possesses among monuments.”

With its labyrinthine alleyways, it is a place that has remained rooted in time, much like Valle del Silencio which is one of those lesser-known but most surprising places in Spain.

in the end San Clemente de ValduesaFull of buildings with typical Persian architecture. From here also starts the path leading to the Valdicarizo viewpoint and the swing where you can enjoy extraordinary panoramic views and take some photos from one of the most evocative swings in Bierzo.