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I will give it to my daughter and my friend

I will give it to my daughter and my friend

Frenchman Julien Navas went to the United States to watch the Vulcan Centaur take off. Then he decided to go to Crater of Diamonds State Park, a park in Arkansas where visitors can try their hand at gem hunting…

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Julian Navas has arrived United States of America From France to witness the launch of the Vulcan Centaur rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida, due to his great passion for space. I certainly couldn't think of returning home with a special souvenir from the US: A Diamond Round brown, weighing 7.46 carats.

After take off, Julian decided to visit Diamond Crater State Parka protected area in the southwest ofArkansasAnd his name is more than eloquent. He arrived early, rented a diamond hunting kit and began prospecting.

It had also rained earlier in the week, so the 37.5-acre park area was muddy and wet. β€œIt's stressful work, so I was looking for something that would stand out…” the man said. the mighty Rain However, they helped wash the earth and discovered heavy rocks, minerals, and diamonds.

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And so Julian did it“An incredible discovery.”. “I'm so happy! All I can think about is when I tell my friend what I found,” he said. Julian said he would name his discovery just like his partner, Karen.

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According to what La Vanguardia newspaper wrote, this diamond could make him a millionaire. But the man said he had no intention of selling it. When he gets home, he will It will be divided into two partsso we can give One for his girlfriend And one at Girl. Then he'll take the little girl with him on his next “big adventure” at Crater of Diamonds State Park, in what he calls “A.” The magical placeWhere the dream of finding diamonds can become a reality.”