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Vaccini, the new twist: for J&J we have to wait

Vaccini, the new twist: for J&J we have to wait

It was to be D-Day with the US single-dose vaccine landing in Italy and Europe Johnson & JohnsonA weapon to relaunch the campaign against COVID. Instead, news out of the United States cast a shadow over the new drug and the plan that was presented exactly a month earlier by General Francesco Vigliolo.

US health authorities arrested At least for a few days, use of the Janssen product – given in a month to 7 million Americans – after a few cases of serious reaction (6), including a fatal case. Similarities with AstraZeneca Affair Obvious – say US health agencies, which talk about a “preventive option” – and risk further delays, with the effect of psychosis, administrations to the Italian population, which have been making progress among those over the age of 70 (at least one dose above 45%). The number of those vaccinated with the booster exceeded 4 million, 6.6% of the totalAccording to the government website.

Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, Tries to reassure: “We will assess what to do in the coming days, but Johnson & Johnson remains an important vaccine that must be used.” The company has made it known that It will delay the commercial launch of its preparation in Europe, “With the aim of transparency and pending assessments of health authorities in the European Union”. “We have taken note of the statement that it will delay the delivery of vaccines – as the committee in Brussels says -. We are keeping in touch to follow up on the situation.”

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Today The first 184 thousand doses for Italy The “one-shot” vaccine, which is easy to store and transport (does not require polar temperatures), has arrived at Pratica di Mare military airport. There for the time being they will remain, according to what has been learned, pending the determination of the situation.

According to Figliuolo Plan, J&J is expected to deliver 26.5 million doses by the end of the yearIn the second quarter, 7.3 million doses are just starting, which also includes 24.5 million doses from Pfizer, 10 from AstraZeneca and 4.6 from Moderna. By the end of June, Italy expects 45 million doses – the emergency commissioner said – to update the truth plan: As has been evident for some time, 7.5 million doses of Curevac, an unauthorized vaccine, have been lost.

District chiefs immediately went to the concern of Another shot of the sceneto. Alessio D’Amato, a health advisor in Lazio, fears a “perfect storm” and demands “a quick, clear and final decision, without hesitation. We must avoid what has been done with AstraZeneca.” Speranza brings together experts and the Medicines Agency (Aifa) and declares that “once you give us Ema and the United States More specific news, we will decide the best method, but I think this is also an important vaccine. “

«Actually seen movie with AstraZeneca, Which has many suspected cases – says the Minister of Regional Affairs Maristella Gelmini -. Let’s not worry. The declaration on J&J has a very limited impact on the level of vaccination. ” Then he risks the shape again 500,000 vaccines a dayAnd transfer it to “late April – early May”, although last week’s average was 277 thousand, and the Emergency Commissioner estimated reaching 315 thousand from 16 and 22 April, with 4.2 million doses arriving. After all, with 8 million doses per month, no more can be done.

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Meanwhile, the numbers say so 15.4% of Italians, more than 9.4 million, have received at least one dose of the vaccineAccording to data from the Ministry of Health (16.2% in Germany, 16.4% in Spain). Among those over the age of 80, the figure rises to 75%, and 24.6% between the ages of 70 and 79, which are the two age groups we’re focusing on.

Once the elderly are vaccinated, school, law enforcement and military immunization will be completed – suspended to prioritize the vulnerable -, with some 700,000 people waiting for the first dose, according to estimates. Zones must be respected Age groups criterion“Because the elderly risk losing their lives,” says Speranza. Responded to Campania President Vincenzo De Luca, who yesterday announced his intention to vaccinate the producing groups as soon as possible.

Then the minister goes out to wish one A “green card” vaccine To move not only in the European Union, but also in the G7 countries, which include the USA, Japan, Canada and Great Britain.