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When will the Yellow Zone, bars, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools reopen?  Hypothesis curfew order at 11.30pm.  We return to the field in June

When will the Yellow Zone, bars, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools reopen? Hypothesis curfew order at 11.30pm. We return to the field in June

Via cross tea Vaccines As the risk-relief is still high, only one thing is certain: the reopening will begin on May 3rd. But in the government’s schedule for Friday’s participation based on new data, there are two options. Predicts having regions first numbers Yellow Zone Bars and restaurants, cinemas and theaters, exhibitions and congresses, gyms and even swimming pools are open. The second, decisively more sensible, instead leads to “reinforced yellow” in the first half of May, with only the green light for bars and restaurants with outdoor tables and less hours in the afternoon to avoid the effect of night life. Then, in the second half of the month, if the epidemic breaks out and the vaccination campaign for the elderly marches quickly, all departments will reopen. Even in the evening. As a result of the relaxation of the curfew order at 11.30pm or midnight. Of course, visitors will return to the stadium on June 11th.

Reopening cinemas, theaters and gyms: New protocols are ready. It works for concerts with an audience of 1,000

The opening match of the European Championship between Italy and Turkey, which is scheduled to take place at the Olympic Stadium, will be the occasion that Secretary of the Resume Valentina Vesali calls the “code date of the resumption”. Wesley contacted Gabriel Gravina, president of the Football Association, with a letter from the government: “At least 25% capacity will be recognized.” This also applies to other matches of the continental tournament scheduled for June 16 and 20 and July 3 in the capital.
For other reopens, it all depends on the progression of the infection, the continuation of intensive care and the vaccination of more than 70 people. Should have little influence over Johnson & Johnson’s suspension. “Its impact has not yet been assessed, but there is an adequate amount of other vaccines to immunize the elderly,” government sources said.

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Kovit, virologist Brekliasko: Reopening? Yes without outside efforts and crowds “

The pressure on Mario Tracy is strong. The regions, which will present a series of plans to “safely reopen” tomorrow, are asking the Prime Minister to give the green light to “restaurants for lunch and dinner using the open spaces”. The solution was praised by Roberto Speranza, the health minister of the outlying areas. Asking for the reopening of gyms, cinemas, theaters and museums, Culture Minister Tario Franசois Cini found a partner and asked CDS to increase the number of visitors (from 200 to 500 and 400 to a thousand outdoors). Without Dumpon’s duty. In addition, the governors resume Tracy’s proposal: “The number of vaccine administrations to be carried out in individual regions should be included among the parameters”.
The road map will be decided from Friday to next week. In government, however, prudence prevails, avoiding a return to new control measures, as happened in Sardinia, which in a few weeks went from “white” to red. Even the League’s minister, Giancarlo Giorgio, is wary when Matteo Salvini calls for “immediate openings”: “A specific date has not yet been set, but indicators are improving. Less: “We need to reopen safely, then we’ll not be forced to close, we should not be in a hurry.”

The first hypothesis
But here is the time when the government and the CDS are exploring. The first option is said to be the Yellow Zone Restoration Court after April 30th. This way, in a sufficient number of regions, they can reopen restaurants and bars for lunch, cinemas and theaters (all with reservations), even on weekends. Also, last fall, for the first time since trade fairs and congresses, gyms and swimming pools were closed. In order to give a definite signal to the citizens to restart, the last Palazzo CG will try to continue the path that opens all these activities together.

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In this situation, however, the curfew order at 10pm will still be in effect. Only after the first half of May, if the number of infections decreases and the number of vaccines continues to increase, can one think of a different approach to moving curfew orders at 11.30pm or midnight. The result is the reopening of restaurants for dinner at 11pm or 11.30pm, while bars (and other similar activities, without seats). The hourly extension will allow restaurants to re-launch in a sustainable way, as Tracy wants, to make money.

Very careful line
The second option follows a more conservative approach. From May 3 (focusing on provisional rules not in Easter style, but almost on Labor Day weekend) the “reinforced yellow” rule will be established with anti-Aperitif times for bars and restaurants, and only for clubs with high margins. With open spaces: They can be reopened with table service, but up to 15 or 16 and only with seats.
In this scenario, cinemas, museums and theaters will be open as per the protocols, but they may be closed on weekends. As for gyms and swimming pools, on the other hand, reference rules already exist.