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“USS Labone in the Mediterranean”: The signal from the ship that attacked Iraq in Tehran

“USS Labone in the Mediterranean”: The signal from the ship that attacked Iraq in Tehran

between United State H Iran The red line has long been crossed. In the wake of the renewed Israeli-Palestinian conflict, previous tensions between Washington and Tehran have gradually worsened, especially at sea, where an on-and-off battle is taking place between the two main parties. sponsor From both sides of the conflict a Gaza.

In order to reassert its superiority at sea, as well as to exercise long-standing deterrence, the United States withdrew military force. Missile destroyers USS Arleigh Burke-class LabonIt is the same ship that attacked Iraq in 1996. The powerful ship was seen last December 11 when it entered the Strait of Gibraltar to conduct operations, according to American sources, in the area under the responsibility of the Sixth Fleet.

I Labon In response to attacks carried out by pro-Iranian agents

Just two days ago, Iranian Navy Commander Admiral Shahram Irani said that the Islamic Republic would soon force a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf to leave the region. “We will soon expel them from the areaIrani said, it was reported ErnaThis was during a conference in Tehran, adding that Iran “He will no longer be under pressure and will be able to exert influence“According to Irani, the United States has reached the Gulf.”To sedition and to achieve their interests“.

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But yesterday, another attack occurred agent At Washington’s expense: Pro-Iranian fighters in Syria They claimed responsibility for the attack on a US military base near the main oil site in the region. This came through the Telegram account of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, the umbrella of armed groups allied with Iran that are fighting the American military occupation in Syria and Iraq. Since mid-October, shortly after the outbreak of armed conflict between Hamas and Israel, pro-Iranian forces in Syria and Iraq have launched dozens of attacks on US military bases along the Euphrates Valley in Syria and the Tigris Valley in Iraq.

Glorious past Labon

Last October 14, the US Department of Defense sent the aircraft carrier strike group to the eastern Mediterranean Gerald B. Ford (Which includes an accompanying air wing for cruisers and destroyers). The aircraft carrier had just finished training with the Italian Navy when its 5,000-man crew was told to head southeast. A week after the attacks, it was his turn USS Dwight Eisenhower His strike group was tasked with “deterring hostile actions” or expanding attacks on Israel. The Labone is actually part of Eisenhower’s assault group.

It is a ship capable not only of carrying out high-level operations, but above all of conjuring up the ghosts of recent history. At sea since 1993, and in the fall of 1996 she became the protagonist of the launch Tomahawk missile Against some sensitive targets in Iraq, making it distinct within its class. After other small missions, in 2012 he received orders to move near the Libyan coast if an attack was ordered, in possible retaliation for attacks on diplomatic missions. And again, in 2015, it and another French ship entered the Black Sea on a presence mission, after Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. But in 2018, Le Bon was the hero of another Tomahawk missile attack in the Red Sea, in response to chemical attacks against civilians in the city of Douma.

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