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Minecraft is now out in 4K on Xbox Series

Minecraft is now out in 4K on Xbox Series

Maine Craft Updated withPreview update it is not yet official for all users and is dedicated above all to Armadillo as a new mob, but within the update there is another hidden feature that may be more interesting: the graphical update in 4K per Xbox Series.

Oddly enough, despite the good work Microsoft has done on technical updates for its major first-party games, Minecraft still doesn’t have a native “next-gen” release on either Xbox Series X|S or PS5.

So it’s a bit strange that the graphics upgrade is practically hidden within an update that’s sent out as being primarily intended for itArmadillowhich is a nice addition to the game as the new winning mob in the recent community poll, but not enough to completely overshadow these other small details.

A step towards the next generation Minecraft?

Armored and wolf armor in the new update

This is not a particularly detailed graphics upgrade: in this case, the game comes with an increase in resolution to 4K, apparently on both Xbox Series

So, we’re not only facing revolutions like the introduction of full ray tracing that we only glimpsed at the time of the launch of the new consoles as a potential future for Mojang games, but it’s already a start in the right direction.

Preview update also introduces several features that will then be implemented in the big update 1.21 that will arrive in the near future, with patches, improvements and new content.

In all this we also find “4K resolution added for Xbox Series consoles”, among many other new features that you can find summarized in the official patch notes at this is the address.

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