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What Donald Trump Risks After FBI Research (And Why He Could Even Become President From Jail)

What Donald Trump Risks After FBI Research (And Why He Could Even Become President From Jail)

Even if it’s over in prison to own stolen documents from the White House Covered in state secretsAnd the Donald Trump He can still run for the upcoming elections and elections and become president in 2024 if he wins them. It is not yet known whether Trump brought official US government documents with him Villa in Mar AgoFlorida, where the FBI last night break in. And even if the hijacker is related to the investigation of a fileAssault on Capito Hill. Which the former president may have facilitated to annul the results of the 2020 election. However, if it turns out that Trump has already removed official documents from Washington, which may be contained in the 15 cases in which the feds left their residence in FloridaHe could be charged with a crime that could lead to imprisonment. However, according to several legal experts he consulted The New York Times And from from the insideL’Being in the dungeon won’t stop – From a constitutional point of view – al pole To become president in 2024 She was to win the next election.

What the constitution and precedent say

Under US law, those who “knowingly and unlawfully hiding, They remove, distort, erase, falsify or destroygovernment documents . risk Imprisonment up to three Years. One might think that this is enough to prevent a candidate from becoming president, but according to legal experts, that seems not to be the case. in constitution From the USA, the only requirements for candidates are to be a US citizen He has not been naturalized for at least 35 years and has lived in the country for at least 14 years. And Trump, who intends to run again in 2023, respects them. If to be in Prison At the time of the next election, this This will not prevent him from running for presidentexplained to from the inside Michael Gerhard, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of North Carolina. There are also precedents. Eugene Debs ran in 1920 and Lyndon LaRouche in 1992 and received millions of votes – though not enough to win – despite both being in prison.

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Difficulties and challenges of the cell

Obviously, in the surreal event of Trump becoming president from prison, there will be some Communication difficulties. Since prisoners do not enjoy the same degree of freedom in this area as free citizens. Nothing prevents him, for example, from taking an oath. The right of veto and the issuance of executive orders. In addition, the businessman can use his powers to make his stay in the dungeon more comfortable. Like being transferred to a prison where he is the only prisoner. Trump’s scenario as a president in prison defined by the well-known lawyer Mark EliasA huge block of American politics“.

Documents in the toilet

The investigation will clarify the volume of seized papers in Florida. Meanwhile, an upcoming book, complete with photographic material, reveals it Trump has for years disposed of documents by flushing them down the toilet. Allegations are collected in the book confidence manfrom a reporter The New York Times Maggie Habermann set by the former presidentwormWe learned from the text that this custom became known when the White House plumber had to open toilets clogged with documents. If there were any among those who might have stolen from the White House, it would be a step forward. towards a surreal scenario, but far from impossible .

CNN | Documents claim Trump tried to flush out the drain

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