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Tesla recalls 2 million cars in US

Tesla recalls 2 million cars in US

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probe into Tesla software: Autopilot controls aren’t enough to prevent abuse, increase crash risks

Mega Tesla Recall and NHTSA Investigation

And Tesla Autopilot problem. Nothing new to be honest, but the number of vehicles involved in the recall is staggering: 2,031,220 units.

A compelling conclusion, then AutopilotThe advanced assisted driving system has given the company new problems, so timely interventions were needed to raise the level of driver safety by updating the software.

l’Autopilot It is an advanced driver assistance system that improves safety and comfort behind the wheel. As explained on the car manufacturer’s website: “When used properly, it reduces the overall workload of the driver. Each new Tesla vehicle is equipped with eight exterior cameras and a powerful image processing system to provide an extra layer of security. The Model 3 and Model Y, produced for European and Middle Eastern markets, now use the camera-based Tesla Vision system, which relies not on radar but on Tesla’s advanced cameras and neural network processing to provide Autopilot and related functions.”.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been investigating America’s leading automaker for more than two years Elon MuskTo precisely check the safety levels of the driver assistance system.

Update the software, but Tesla doesn’t require it

It is an OTA software update (over the air), as mentioned, the company will offer it to its customers for free (it is currently unknown whether it is only in the US or in other countries around the world). Except that the same agency responded to NHTSA that these regulations, ironically, “may not be sufficient to prevent improper use of the driver“This increases the risk of accidents.

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Tesla’s Autopilot, which is intended to allow cars to steer, accelerate and brake automatically (a Level 2 according to the SAE Automation Levels table) in their own lane, will have an upgraded version to help change lanes.

is an important componentAutosteerA driver assistance system that allows a vehicle to automatically maintain its lane during semi-autonomous driving at highway speeds.

Tesla disagreed with NHTSA’s analysis but said it would issue a software update.Affected vehicles will have additional checks and alerts added to existing vehicles to further encourage drivers to maintain safe driving whenever using AutoSteer.“.

Problems that return over time

This is not the first time that the Commission has launched this kind of investigation at Tesla, which already happened in 2020 and 2021 precisely on Autopilot, but before that in 2016 for similar safety issues.

According to the latest Investigation of The Washington PostThey are available from 2019 till today 736 road accidents caused by Tesla’s Autopilot In America.

As of February this year, the company has already recalled 360,000 vehicles in the US due to Autopilot issues.

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