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USA: Trump takes 48% of vote in Iowa Republican primary, voting tomorrow

USA: Trump takes 48% of vote in Iowa Republican primary, voting tomorrow

Donald Trump wins Iowa The Republican primaries They begin to choose a candidate for the next US presidential election Donald Trump Seen as a big plus IowaA state that begins the long race to file nominations tomorrow, January 15.

I am L CensusConducted on a sample of citizens looking to vote in local caucuses, it is produced for the Des Moines Register, NBC News and Mediacom and is traditionally considered a reliable source of information in the hours before the polls.

Trump warns of investigation: America will be in chaos

Former President Collector A consensus of 48% of local voters, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley leads Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with 20% to 16% in the race for second place. Biotech businessman Vivek Ramasamy is in fourth place with 8%.

“Our supporters are making us win, and now they have to show up at the caucuses and get the job done,” Trump said, commenting on the findings that would allow him to make history. In fact, neither candidate ever won Such a wide margin.

The former president, who landed in Iowa for the last few meetings before Monday evening's vote, gave the attack a chance Vivek Ramasamy, many are defining the Republican nominee as the 'Trump Millennial'. “It's not maga, don't waste your votes,” said the former president, worried that the polar cold might result in low turnout in the caucuses, which could penalize him.

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