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6.22 magnitude earthquake shakes US, Eureka, all details 3B Meteo


December 20, 2021
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Earthquake in Eureka, USA
Earthquake in Eureka, USA

A shock Earthquake 6.22 on the Richter scale, occurred in hours 12:10 (Italy 21:10) Its epicenter is Eureka, United States. The estimated depth was approx 9.34 km. In our specials you can track all the shocks in Italy and the major shocks in the world Earthquake Division.

Data on earthquakes Updated regularly Joint Research Center, courtesy of the European Commission: GDACS

The question of Famous seismic precursors, Or specific variations of some scientific parameters, can still make us understand that a strong earthquake is coming is still one of the main discussions of seismology. In fact, before a major earthquake, the levels of stress that accumulate beneath the earth’s surface involve changes in various parameters. We have been trying for decades to understand whether certain variations can actually represent a reliable seismic precursor, for example the concentration of radon gas. Concentrations of iron, vanadium, arsenic and chromium have increased 20-fold since March-April, just before the Amatris earthquake on August 24.

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