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Ipotesi ondata di gelo verso la fine di Dicembre

A wave of frost confirmed after Christmas and towards New Year and New Year’s Eve, updates »

Weather: Freezing wave confirmed for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and immediately towards New Year’s Eve, updates

Hypothetical wave of frost at the end of DecemberThe latest updates have been confirmed today A frost wave is possible For the period entered Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

To understand what will happen in the final part of 2022, as usual, we need to expand our view to the entire hemisphere. Well, what emerges is that at arctic latitudes, between Scandinavia and Russia An impressive build Frozen lake“, A (very cold) real one filled with arctic air Cold tank It may slide towards Europe, thus giving way That’s frost waves, Many times, They can also come to invest in our country.
The map below clearly shows the extent of this frost wave that could invade the Old Continent from distant Russian lands.Very cold air masses descend from Russia towards ItalyVery cold air masses descend from Russia towards Italy
At this time, given an even greater temporal distance, it is only onehypothesis And it should be considered, but it is the main long-term international models for a few days leaning towards This type of system.

Then evaluate Possible connection Between frost and a possible arrival from the east Lows descend from northern Europe/Atlantic Rather life-giving for a transient period. If we can’t go into more details, we can definitely say that someone is waiting for us A very energetic and cold phase, with risk snowfall Low pressures develop over the Mediterranean Sea to the plains and coasts.

In Next days Let’s try to understand whether this system will be confirmed or not. More updates will follow.

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