Monday, July 22, 2024

US Senator Mitt Romney, one of the most important members of the Republican Party, said that he will retire from politics


US Senator Mitt Romney announced that he will not run again in the 2024 elections and that he will retire from politics. Romney, 76 years old, is one of the main representatives of the moderate wing of the Republican Party. In announcing his retirement, he also called on President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump to consider doing the same, considering their advanced ages (80 and 77 years old, respectively).

Romney began his political career in the 1990s, having previously worked extensively in finance. He was elected governor of Massachusetts in 2002, and in the following years he ran several times in the Republican primaries for the presidential elections, but won only once, in 2012. He then lost the election to Democrat Barack Obama in his state. For the second consecutive semester.

He also ran again in the primaries in light of the 2016 election, the one won by Donald Trump: on that occasion he often criticized Trump, also using very harsh accents and expressions (at a rally he called him a “cheater, a cheat, a cheater”). The idiot “), and continued his opposition even after he won the election. He was, among other things, among the few Republican parliamentarians who voted in favor of impeaching Trump in the two trials against him (in both cases the former president was acquitted thanks to the broad support of the Republican majority) .

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